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Dental Clinic Amman

Best Dentist Amman Jordan is a dental and aesthetic medicine clinic, located in the heart of Amman, the capital of Jordan.
We provide a wide range of advanced dental treatments including dental implants and veneers. Advanced up to date facial cosmetic and therapeutic treatments including the highest quality fillers, botox, facial threads and plasma skin care procedures.

Dr. Motaz Bakri established the clinic in Amman, Jordan in 2018 after more than 12 years of dental training experience and working across the world gaining his clinical dental training in the United States after graduating from the University of Jordan in 2005 with a Bachelor degree in Dental Sciences.
Dr. Motaz Bakri is American Board Certified dentist, graduated from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN, in 2010 with a Doctor of dental surgery degree.
Dr. Bakri also done years of clinical residency in advanced dental care including elderly care and dental cosmetic care in different hospitals across the US.
After that he gained great experience in managing highly specialized dental centers in Jeddah, SA.

At our clinic, we provide a high standard of care to all of our patients with excellent predictable outcomes.
We are a team of clinical professionals that are highly qualified with the finest degrees, and we also use the highest quality materials to meet our patients best interests.
All medical and dental records are well kept at our establishment in a digital form and for all patients, that is to assure continuous dental and medical follow up, and for quality assurance monitoring.
Our clinic is specialised in aesthetic dentistry and implantology.
In our clinic you can get best high qulity procedure for the best price uncomparable with EU or USA prices.

Implants Dentist Amman

Dental implant surgery in Best Dentist Amman Jordan Clinci is carried out at different rates, depending on the kind of implants we use and the type of case we are treating, but generally speaking the avarage cost for single implant with its crown is about / 900 Euro /. The price could run a little bit higher for specific kind of implants and CAD / CAM crowns.

Full mouth rehabilitations have special considerations when it comes to restoring missing teeth using implants and / or dental crowns, bridges and veneers, as each treatment plan is discussed individually with each patient prior to beginning the treatment.
The avarage cost for dental crowns / bridges / veneers is about / 375 Euro / per tooth. A full smile or mouth makeover can cost anywhere between 3.000€ for minimum of 8 teeth for a guaranteed Hollywood smile and 9.000€ for crowning of all teeth with highest quality ceramics fabriced by the best most advanced computerized dental laboratories with best quality and esthetics guaranteed.
We use the latest most advanced generations of dental adhesives and restoration to achieve optimum results that can last a lifetime.

Dentist Price List

Composite Filling / 60 EUR /
Extraction Simple / 60 EUR /
Extraction / surgical / impacted / 200 EUR /
Porcelain inlay / onlay / 400 EUR /
Teeth Whitening / 300 EUR /
Regular teeth cleaning / 70 EUR /
Composite veneer / 115 EUR /
Deep cleaning scalling / per quadrant / 120 EUR /

Crowns / Veneers
Porcelain crown / 400 EUR /
Porcelain veneer / 400 EUR /
Zirconia crown / 400 EUR /
Temporary crown / 100 EUR /

Full Denture / 550 EUR /
Partial Denture / 550 EUR /

Dental Implant / 900 EUR /
Sinus lifting / 400 – 1.200 EUR /
“All on Four” System / 6.100 EUR /
“All on Six” System / 8.500 EUR /
Bone graft / large / 750 – 1.500 EUR /
Bone graft / small / 400 – 750 EUR /
Root Canal Treatment / 120 – 240 EUR /

Aesthetic Medicine
Botox / 275 EUR /
Dermal Fillers / 400 EUR /
PRP / 250 EUR /
Profhilo / 450 EUR /


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