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Northern Cyprus is known for dental tourism. Every year, thousands of patients from the United Kingdom, the European Union, the United States and other countries come to Northern Cyprus to have their teeth repaired.
By coming to dental clinics here, you can save 70% on dental services.
Famagusta is a particularly interesting area for patients, so they can combine a holiday with visits to the dentist.

How do you know which dentist in Famagusta is great ? Who is the Best Dentist Famagusta ?

In Famagusta and the surrounding area you can find many dental clinics but only some are really specialists in the treatment of foreign patients. Primarily because patients from abroad can not stay long on the island and at the same time the service must be top notch and fast.
Our dental clinic in Famagusta has years of experience in working with foreign patients. Most of our patients are people seeking major treatments especially implants, crowns and veneers.

First of all, our team speaks fluent English, which will allow you easy communication from the start. Immediately upon your arrival, we can make a consultation and an initial dental examination and give you a treatment plan and prices.

We can send you a treatment plan and prices even before your arrival in Famagusta. Just contact us using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

All dental treatments at one place in Famagusta. Best Dentist Famagusta

We know you are coming from abroad and you don’t have much time. It is also much better when one team of dentists works on your case. For this reason, we have ensured that the patient can perform all dental treatments at our clinic in Famagusta. All treatments in one place. You will save a lot of time.

Before you read more information about all the dental services and at what prices you can find in our clinic in Famagusta, read some important information about our dental center.

Reasons to choose our dental center in Famagusta. Best Dentist Famagusta

Our clinic has a lot of experience in working with the most difficult cases and the results of our work are excellent. If you want to see examples of our work, send us a message and we will send you photos of the cases.

In our clinic, hygiene comes first. From the moment you enter the clinic, you will see that our clinic is immaculately tidy and clean. We carry out strict hygienic steps.

The clinic also follows international standards when it comes to equipment and treatments. You can be sure that you will receive the same and also better service as in the country you come from. At a much lower price. We want every patient to leave the clinic with a big smile and recommend us to family and friends.

A visit to our clinic will be completely calm Already during your first visit, our friendly team of doctors and staff will talk to you and, in a friendly way, remove any fear that you might have.

Our dentists will make an individual treatment plan designed especially for you. We will take into account your medical condition, your wishes and your possibilities and recommend the best dental options accordingly.

Dental treatments at our dental clinic in Famagusta

General dental treatments

In our dental clinic we perform general dental treatments and dental examinations. We recommend all our patients to go for a dental check up every 6 months to prevent more serious dental problems.
Dentist will recommend the best options in our dental clinic immediately after the first visit. We use best equipment such as digital X ray with very low radiation. In just a few minutes we will be able to make a treatment plan.

Dental Implants Famagusta

Implants are the best option if you are missing one or more teeth.
At our dental clinic in Famagusta, we offer all options from one tooth replacement to options for the patients who are completely toothless.
The dental implant material is titanium and replaces the root of the tooth. The dental implant serves to support the artificial tooth or teeth that will be on the implant. It can support teeth that the patient can remove himself or fixed teeth that the patient cannot remove.
When dentist replace the teeth with the implants, the patient can speak normally, laugh, eat.
Even if you don’t have a single tooth let us know because we have a solution for everyone.

Teeth Whitening Famagusta

In our dental clinic in Famagusta we offer the best methods for teeth whitening to our patients.
Teeth whitening is usually done in two to three visits to the dental clinic and each treatment lasts 20 minutes.
The number of visits to the clinic may be lower or higher depending on your wishes and the sensitivity of your teeth.
Before whitening, the cosmetic dentist will clean your teeth to make the whitening result as good as possible.
After cleaning your teeth, the shade you want to achieve will be determined and your gums will be protected.
The doctor will apply a gel which will then activate. After a while, the gel will be removed and the tooth color will be checked. If necessary, the gel will be reapplied and the treatment will continue.
With this method, teeth can be lightened by 8 to 10 shades

Zircon crowns and veneers Famagusta

Veneers have been one of the most popular dental treatments in recent years, especially when you want to radically improve the appearance of your teeth. They are the first cosmetic dental treatment in the world.
In our dental clinic we use zircon for both crowns and veneers.
Zircon as a material proved to be the best in the aesthetic sense because it transmits light very well. Zircon is also a very durable material, which means that the result will last a long time

Root Canal Treatment Famagusta

This treatment saves a tooth that is already in poor condition. The doctor removes the nerve of your tooth, cleans the inside of the tooth and fills it. This treatment should be started as soon as possible because delay can lead to tooth loss.

Dentures Famagusta

In our dental clinic in Famagusta we make all types of dentures if you are missing one, more or all teeth.
With a prosthesis, you will be able to eat, talk, and laugh again.

Dentures are fix and also movable.

Fixed dentures are crowns and bridges.
The crown is the best option when the tooth has big damage but the root of the tooth is healthy.
The bridge is the best option when you are missing one or more teeth, so with the help of neighboring teeth, a bridge fill the gaps.
If the patient does not replace the lost tooth, the adjacent teeth move and over time, these teeth can be lost.

In our clinic we also make removable dentures that the patient can remove himself if necessary.

Orthodontic treatment Famagusta

In our dental clinic in Famagusta we offer various options of orthodontic treatments that correct the bad position of the teeth.

Botox Famagusta

Our dental clinic also does Botox treatments, which are currently the most popular non surgical treatments in aesthetic medicine. Botox is the best treatment to remove the signs of aging but its application is a lot wider.

Dentist Price Famagusta

These are some of the treatments in our dental clinic in Famagusta. Our dental clinic offers a complete service, so contact us with confidence and we will solve your dental problem.

Below you can see some of the prices of our dental services. We use the best materials and also visiting our clinic you can save up to 70%.

Teeth Whitening Price Famagusta

Teeth whitening in our clinic costs 250 Euros.
Teet cleaning is 40 Euros. Complete lower and upper jaw.

If you want venneers and opt for composite, the price is 120 Euros. If you opt for porcelain the price is 220 Euros.

For small aesthetic irregularities composite bonding per tooth is 120 Euros.

For patients who need a crown, we offer several options.

Metal ceramic crown is the cheapest option. The price is 120 Euros. We recommend it for back teeth.
The zircon crown is 200 Euros and can be used on all teeth, especially on the front due to its high aesthetics.

If you need a complete prosthesis, the price is 450 Euros per jaw.
If you are missing a few teeth and you would like a partial denture the price is 500 Euros.

Our clinic specializes in dental implants and we offer them at great prices.

The price of the implant is only 550 Euros and the porcelain crown on the implant is only 150 Euros.

If you have no teeth at all and would like a complete jaw then the price is 6.000 to 7.100 Euros. This price includes complete treatment. Implants and fixed porcelain teeth per jaw.

Dental root canal treatment is 150 Euros

We offer Invisaling orthodontic therapy at an excellent price of 2.500 Euros per jaw.

Botox price is 150 Euros or lip fillers (1ml) we offer at a price of 250 Euros


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