Best Dentist Riviera Maya

Dental Clinic in Riviera Maya

Best Dentist Riviera Maya provider wide range of services.
Make your Oral Health a Priority not an afterthought. If you have put off getting the dental treatments you need because of the cost implications, then reach out to us here at Dentaris. Dentistry in Cancun Mexico while on vacation can and will save you money, in some cases as much as 60% from quotations from US & Canada.
30 year operating with distinction in Cancún / Riviera Maya.

The very best care, attention, service and result.
We will not only change your Smile, we aim to change peoples perceptions of the levels of dental care provided in Mexico. Clinic is going above and beyond for all our patients presenting the very real and modern evolution of quality. Dental care, service and professionalism provided here at Dentaris in Cancun are the best.
It is with great pride we welcome you to Dentaris Centre for Dental Excellence. It is the only GCR Accredited Top dental Clinic Mexico 2016 / 2017. We want you to think about us as your new dental clinic of choice in Cancun.

International Dentist Cancun

Our clinics have been operating with distinction for 3 decades in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Dentaris provides over 160 Years of combined dental education and experience through our highly respected team of dental specialists. The owner of Dentaris and Clinical Director Dr Joaquin Berrón DDS is a Dental Implant and Oral Rehabilitation Specialist. Former Professor and course Coordinator of the Dental Implant and Esthetic Fellowship Program. Department of Prosthodontics at the Louisiana State University / LSU / School of Dentistry, New Orleans. Who on returning full time to Mexico heads the most complete and comprehensive dental services and experience for not only residents of Cancun but is also sought after by American,Canadian and other patients seeking the highest levels of care. Reliable dental solutions and results, but with a very significant difference in the cost of such dental treatments in Cancun. Best Dentist Riviera Maya.

Price List of Best Dentist Riviera Maya

On Average our traveling international patients / Dental Tourists / can save anywhere from 50 to 60% compared with the same treatments offered in their own country. By providing quality and affordability in our dental treatments, Dentaris continues being one of the Top dental clinics of choice in Cancun and Mexico. Our strict values and international standards ensure we keep moving forward and being part of thousands of patients life changing dental journeys.

Composite Filling / 120 USD /
Extraction Simple / 95 USD /
Extraction surgical / impacted / 120 USD /
Wisdom Tooth Extraction / 250 USD /
Porcelain inlay / onlay / 452 USD /
Teeth Whitening ZOOM / 400 USD /
Regular teeth cleaning ultrasonic / 95 USD /
Composite veneer / 300 USD /
Composite bonding / 140 USD /
Deep cleaning scalling / per quadrant / 180 USD /

Crowns / Veneers
Metal Ceramic Crown / 567 USD /
Ceramic crown / 567 USD /
Porcelain veneer / 567 USD /
Zirconia crown / 567 USD /
Temporary crown / 180 USD /

Full Denture per arch / 967 USD /
Partial Denture / 457 USD /

Implant Prices Cancun

Dental Implant / 890 USD /
Porcelain Crown On Implant / 735 USD /
Sinus lifting per side / 1.500 USD /
“All on Four” System Includes / CT scan / implants / PRGF / Plasma Rich in growth factors) / immediate denture, IV Sedation, conversion to hybrid, final denture / 12.635 USD /
“All on Six” System Includes / CT scan, implants, PRGF / Plasma Rich in growth factors /, immediate denture, IV Sedation, conversion to hybrid, final denture / 14.415 USD /
Bone graft / large / 800 USD /
Bone graft / small / 385 USD /

Other Dental Treatments
Root Canal Treatment / 250 – 375 USD /
Core Build Up / 120 USD /
Prefabricated Post / 180 USD /
3 unit dental bridge / 1.701 USD /
3 unit dental bridge over 2 implants / 3.817 USD /
Implant supported denture / 4 implants / 7.800 USD /
Osseous Surgery per quadrant / 480 USD /


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