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Best Hospital Liguria Italy ICLAS is a private hospital located in Rapallo. Famous tourist resort on the Ligurian Riviera. Few kilometers from Portofino and also Cinque Terre. 50 kilometers from Genoa International Airport.

Airport has direct flights from / Paris / London / Amsterdam / Frankfurt / Munich / Madrid / Berlin / Bruxelles / Vienna /. In summer there are also flights from / Manchester / Bristol / Bucharest / Copenhagen / Athens /.

The Hospital is particularly specialized for Cardiac Surgery, Interventional Cardiology and Hemodynamics. It is in fact the first Ligurian cardiac surgery center, with more than 700 major interventions per year, with excellent results.

However, in addition to Cardiac Surgery, ICLAS has numerous / Orthopedic Teams / General Surgery / Bariatric / Plastic / Reconstructive Surgery /. A specific multidisciplinary course of treatment of severe obesity is also active. ICLAS operates an intensive care unit with eleven beds fully monitored. ICLAS is part of the GVM Care and Research group, one of the major Italian health complexes, with several clinics also in other European countries, all equipped with modern healthcare technologies and excellent professionals.

Best Hospital Near Portofino Liguria Italy

The 70 beds of ICLAS are allocated in single or double rooms, all with independent services, television, telephone and also first class hotel facilities.
Founded in 1973 with the inauguration of its first private healthcare facility, today, GVM Care and Research is a Group offering medical and scientific excellence at more than 35 Clinics located not only in Italy, but also in France, Albania, Poland and Russia. It is also the foremost Italian Group as regards territorial extension, employing over 7.400 people with the aim of placing patients at the centre of an integrated network of best healthcare facilities. This aim has been achieved with advanced technologies, highly comfortable environments and also professionals with constantly updated international experience.

Over the years GVM Care and Research broadened its field of action by taking over further facilities and creating companies complementary to its healthcare business, going into such sectors as medical scientific research and training, wellness and spa treatment, hotel hospitality, the biomedical industry, food products and services to companies. In 2007, the Group began to expand beyond the Italian borders, not only with numerous acquisitions and inaugurations, but also with major investments in the social welfare services.

As a result of its business accomplishments and its extensive experience gained in the word of healthcare, GVM Care and Research keeps capital of expertise with high added value not only in the medical field but also in terms of design, organization and management of Hospitals until providing “ready to use” facilities in Italy as well as abroad.

Outpatient Specialties Liguria

Medical Specialties in ICLAS
Cardiac Surgery
Vascular Surgery
Cosmetic, Plastic and also Reconstructive Surgery
General surgery
Bariatric Surgery
Diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease in adults (GUCH)
Nutrition and also Center for severe obesity
Laboratory analysis
Internal Medicine
Nephrology and also nephrocardiology
Regenerative Medicine and also Surgery
Diagnosis and treatment of hypertension
Radiology – Diagnostic Imaging
Food Science

Hospitalization Specialties
Clinical and Interventional Cardiology
Implantation of pacemakers and ICDs
Cardio thoracic vascular surgery
General surgery
Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Bariatric Surgery
The care path “severe obesity”
Internal and General Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases
Regenerative Medicine and Surgery
Guch program (Grown Up Congenital Heart diseases)
Interventional Radiology – Diagnostic Imaging
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Treatment of Diabetic Foot

Health Support Services
Laboratory analysis – health support services
Perfusion cardiovascular – health support services
Diagnostic Imaging – Health Support Services
Anesthesiology with intensive care and also sub intensive / Health support services
Health physics, also health support services


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