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Botox Clinic Benidorm Spain aesthetic medicine center is made up of great specialists and professionals with over 10 years of experience, accompanied, of course, by the latest medical technology.
Clinic has the most modern technology and all the treatments are by English speaking highly experienced specialists.

Aesthetic Medicine Benidorm Treatments

Botox Clinic Benidorm Spain

Dermal Fillers
The nasolabial folds are those that go from the nose to the sides of the mouth.
The perioral folds and labial corners, on the lip contour line.
The frown lines.
Crow’s feet are those that form around the eyes.

Forehead wrinkles
If you are looking to have a facial filler with hyaluronic acid in Benidorm, do not hesitate to visit our clinic.

Lip augmentation
Augmentation, also known as lip filler , is the treatment by which we modify the appearance or shape of both the upper and lower lip, it can be both to provide more hydration, a new shape or more volume with a known filling product as hyaluronic acid.

Lip augmentation without surgery in Benidorm

Before performing the procedure, the doctor analyzes the structure of the lip to follow its path when it comes to giving it more volume and making the lip look as natural as possible.
In the case of the finest and straightest lips, it is difficult to obtain a natural result with a single session, because the doctor has to gradually shape the lip, dilating the tissue and creating space to later be able to fill it with hyaluronic acid .
In our lip augmentation clinic in Benidorm you will be totally satisfied with the result you expected to obtain.

Tension Threads Benidorm

Treatment for rejuvenation and to combat sagging skin. It is a non intrusive technique , that is, it does not require surgery and it is painless.
The procedure that is carried out is as follows: the tightening threads are inserted under the dermis with the help of a needle, in this way, we stimulate facial rejuvenation and we manage to tighten the skin , with this we achieve that wrinkles disappear and that the face don’t be so flabby.
Before starting the treatment with tension threads in Benidorm, we advise you to go through our consultation first so that we can make a diagnosis according to your skin and your needs. In this way, we will find the most appropriate treatment.
We can apply tensioning threads to different parts of the body, although its most frequent use is on the face.

With them we can achieve
Improve wrinkles around the eyes.
Raise the eyebrows.
Firming the facial contour.
Eliminate forehead wrinkles.
Firming the neck.

Chemical peeling

Rhinomodelation Benidorm

Nose modelation no surgery
Rhinomodelation is a procedure that allows you to retouch or stylize the nose by infiltrating filling materials, using local anesthesia and without the need for surgery.
Process lasts approximately 30 minutes, the material used to fill is hyaluronic acid. While the nose is being filled in at strategic points, it is shaped until the desired shape is obtained. Depending on the type of product, the results can last up to 18 months, we recommend returning to the clinic after a year and a half to inject the product again.
Rhinomodelling can be performed both on noses that have not undergone any aesthetic retouching, as well as on people who have retouched something on the nose but have not obtained the expected results and want to give it a certain shape.
In our clinic, we also perform rhinomodeling without surgery in Benidorm, we have great professionals who will leave your nose perfect

Other Treatments / Full Range / Benidorm /

Cheek Fillers
Chin Reduction
PRP Treatments
Veins Treatments
Face Beauty Treatments
Body Treatments

PRICE LIST / Best Prices /

Full botox / EUR 345 /
Lip augmentation / EUR 265 /
Mesotherapy / EUR 120 /
Radiesse / EUR 325 /
Spiculated threads / EUR 75 /
1 unit 1 vial hyaluronic acid / EUR 265 /


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