Cardiologist Clinic Zagreb Croatia

Cardiology Clinic Zagreb

Cardiologist Clinic Zagreb Croatia provides services that include prevention, complete non invasive and also invasive diagnostics. Percutaneous and also surgical treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The main characteristics of the clinic are comprehensiveness in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, a large number of annual diagnostic and also therapeutic procedures with a minimum number of complications, reduced duration of hospitalization.

Our Cardiology Clinic in Zagreb, Croatia provides all patients with unique and also comprehensive cardiovascular care. Starting from determining the anamnesis and making the diagnosis to the final medical solution within the framework of cardiac conservative and also interventional treatment and, if necessary, surgery.

We put patients and their needs at the center of interest. This leads us to achieve the highest professional. Also scientific standards and to constantly question the quality of health services.

We have also established the first telecardiology center in Croatia that allows us to diagnose and monitor an even larger number of heart patients in outpatient settings.

Best Cardiologist Zagreb Croatia

Clinic actively participate in the education of doctors and nurses.

Our cardiologist clinic Zagreb Croatia is a contractual institution of the Croatian Health Insurance Institute (HZZO) and also several private insurance companies. We are included in the Croatian network of emergency percutaneous coronary intervention and we take care of patients in Krapina-Zagorje County with acute myocardial infarction 24 hours a day.

The quality of service and safety of our patients is guaranteed by the following three independent certificates:

ISO 9001 certified
Diamond Certificate from Accreditation Canada
ISO EN 15224 certificate

The Department of Cardiology provides care for patients with heart disease, including:

Cardiac consultations and all necessary outpatient non invasive diagnostic examinations

Invasive cardiac diagnosis and treatment

Monitoring the postoperative condition of the patient

Our activities include:

clinic for cardiac consultations by appointment, hypertension, heart rhythm diseases, heart failure, coronary heart disease, sports cardiology, etc.
invasive and non invasive diagnostics and tests / interventional cardiology /

Detection of cardiovascular diseases begins with an anamnesis, ie a conversation between the patient and the doctor and a clinical examination on the basis of which an experienced doctor will already know which diagnosis it is.

If you have any of the symptoms of heart disease, feel free to contact us and book an appointment.


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