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Dental Center Budapest

Dental Center Budapest TG dental office is located near the Corvin cinema.
The entire dental team is very friendly as we want to make your stay in our clinic as pleasant as possible.
We use the best dental technology with which we perform all types of dental services easily and quickly. The safety of our patients is our number one priority in every dental treatment.
Our Dental Center Budapest TG is especially specialized in cosmetic dentistry and implants, although we also offer all other types of dental services.
The best dentists in Budapest work in our dental clinic, so you can visit us without fear and enjoy the comfort of our dental clinic.

Dental Treatments In Dental Center Budapest TG

Consultations and diagnostics

At our dental clinic in Budapest we have several diagnostic approaches and devices. We use a holistic approach.
Free first check-up for our patients coming from abroad.
The X ray serves us so that the dentist can see everything that cannot be seen with the naked eye and so that the internal structure of the tooth can be seen.
X Ray is also important when planning zhavata with implants.
After the examination, we make a personalized dental therapy plan. Our dentist presents all possible options with the price.

Creating a dental plan includes examination, diagnosis, X Ray and presentation of various options. In addition, you get information about the cost and time required to make a dental treatment.
Work begins after the patient receives all the information and agrees to a treatment plan.

Dental Implants Budapest

Dental implants are the most modern solution when a patient is missing one or more teeth. Implants are a long-term solution and are a much better option than dentures.
The implant is an artificial titanium root that is implanted in the jaw and a custom-made crown is made on the implant.
After the dental treatment is completed, the patient has a tooth that looks perfect again. The function of the teeth is as complete as the aesthetics.
No one can see that a tooth is artificial.
A crown, bridge or a complete fixed prosthesis can be placed on the implant.


Replacement of a lost tooth is very important because, in addition to aesthetics, it will enable the proper functioning of the jaw, normal eating. It will also improve the aesthetics of a complete smile.
When teeth are lost, dental harmony is disrupted.
At our dental clinic in Budapest you can find all kinds of prosthetics to replace one or more lost teeth.
We offer fixed and non-fixed dentures, bridges, dental crowns.

Oral Surgery Budapest

At our dental clinic in Budapest we offer all oral surgery services.
Extraction of wisdom tooth.
Dental root canal treatments.
Solving the problem of inflammatory processes.
Some conditions require a surgical approach. Our clinic works with the best oral surgeons. All treatments are done in consultation with the patient before the procedure. Patient safety is our first priority.

General Dental Treatments

The branch of dentistry that deals with the preservation of healthy teeth and the repair of damaged ones.
We offer services for resolving dental caries, cleaning dental root canals.
Tooth problems, no matter how small, can cause pain. By coming to our clinic, heal your teeth and prevent problems in advance.
A healthy tooth can also be sensitive to hot, cold or sweet. In that case, come to our clinic where we will solve your problem with a very simple dental procedure.

We use aesthetic fillings that will look like your natural tooth.
Inlay and onlay options for slightly greater tooth damage. This option lasts much longer than ordinary filling and is made in several materials. The color perfectly matches the color of your tooth.

In the treatment of dental canals, we use local anesthesia so that the procedure is completely painless for the patient.

Dental Hygiene Budapest

Dental hygiene includes treatments that preserve the condition of our teeth and surrounding structures.
In many cases, with the help of dental hygiene treatments it is possible to avoid serious problems in the future.
We offer a complete service and all hygienic dental services.
Teeth cleaning, removal of dental plaque and tartar. Deep cleaning of teeth.


Consultation / FREE /
Panoramic X ray / FREE /
CT scan / 80 Euro /

Dental hygiene
Dental hygienic treatment and air flow polishing / 75 Eur /

Conservative dentistry
Aesthetic filling / 50 – 80 Eur /
Root canal treatment and filling / 150 – 200 Eur /

Porcelain fused to metal crown / 160 Eur /
Zirconia crown / 300 Eur /
E-max ceramic veneers / 300 Eur /

Porcelain fused to metal crown on implant / 200 Eur /
Zirconia crown on implant / 330 Eur /
Bredent dental implant Germany / 600 Eur /
Abutment Bredent / 110 Eur /

BREDENT Fast and Fixed System Germany / ALL ON 4 / 4 implants + 4 abutments + temporary bridge / 3.900 Eur /
BREDENT Fast and Fixed System Germany / ALL ON 6 / 6 implants + 6 abutments + temporary bridge / 4.500 Eur /

Fast and Fixed definitive bridge on implants / 2.380 Eur /

Sinus Lift / 450 Eur /
Bone graft / 450 Eur /
Overdenture on 2 implants / 1.579 Eur /
Overdenture on implant bar on 4 implants / 1.920 Eur /
All on 4 / 2.370 Eur /

Oral surgery
Bone grafting / 405 Eur /
Sinus lift / 595 Eur /
Tooth extraction – normal / 55 Eur /
Surgical tooth exraction / 95 Eur /
Wisdom tooth extraction / 100 Eur /
Surgical wisdom tooth extraction / 130 Eur /


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