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Dentist Maadi Cairo aesthetic dentistry dental center is using the latest technology and techniques to give our patients outstanding results.
The Clinic has been on the cutting edge of dentistry and cosmetic dentistry for many years, guiding, shaping, leading, and creating new ways of beautifying smiles.

Cosmetic dentistry patients flock to our center in Cairo, Egypt from across the world in order to receive truly superior dental care and cosmetic dentistry results.
You can visit one of the world’s most impressive and spectacular countries – Egypt – and achieve a lifelong dream of enjoying your perfect smile in just a few days.

Our professional team in Cairo offering the very best dental care available.
If you are looking for excellence in care from a dentist who has applied the most widely used cosmetic techniques in dentistry today, then look no further!

Dental Services Maadi Cairo

Dental Implants Maadi

Implants are available in our dental center in Maadi, Cairo as a permanent and durable alternative to dentures. Dental implants allow for natural speech, chewing and cleaning. Dental implants improve the aesthetic and functional qualities of your smile.
If you choose to have dental implants, it will require multiple visits to our Maadi practice for our implant dentist to fit them.

The first step of the implant dentistry procedure is to make sure you have enough bone in your jaw to effectively place the dental implants. It is necessary to make examination and a CT scan, which is an advanced form of X ray. This lets our implant dentist know if there is sufficient bone in your jaw to fit the dental implants. Once our implant dentist see that you are a good candidate for implant dentistry, the procedure begins.

Gum Dental Treatments Cairo
Dental practice use the SIRO Laser, a very compact laser to treat periodontal problems. This unmatched technique is not yet used elswhere in Egypt.
We use SIRO Laser during periodontal treatment to reduce germs and bacteria – even in gingival pockets. The SIRO Laser is also suitable for gingiva forming.

Orthodontics Cairo
When describing orthodontics, most people just refer to “ braces”. While the majority of orthodontic cases involve braces, there are alternatives that we can use for younger children or adults .

Teeth Whitening Dental Center Maadi Cairo

This process reverses the discoloration of tooth enamel to create a whiter, more aesthetic appearance. The advantages of this procedure are that ther eis no damage on natural tooth structure..
Teeth bleaching safely lightens the color of the teeth and result can last for up to five years. The most effective and safest method of teeth bleaching is dentist-supervised which is much safer than the over-the-counter bleaching kits as they are too abrasive for the teeth.

Laminate Veneers Cairo
Dental Center offers porcelain dental veneers for stunning smile restoration. These CEREC crafted fixtures can hide many imperfections in teeth including crooked, misaligned, chipped and stained teeth.
Dental veneers are often used by dentists for “instant orthodontics,” which employs the latest cosmetic dentistry procedures to correct alignment, bite and discoloration flaws in hours or days instead of months or years. Two visits to our practice are all that is required to achieve not only beautiful, but functional, long lasting results.


Amalgam Replacement
In our dental center we stopped using amalgam in favor of tooth colored restorations more than a decade ago. This was not because we condemned amalgam fillings but because we felt composite fillings allowed for superior restorations of teeth.

Tooth Bonding Cairo

Dental tooth bonding is a quick and painless way to fix cracks and chips in teeth. Tooth bonding is also an excellent way to re shape teeth that are too small or out of alignment. The composite tooth bonding material can also be used to fill cavities in place of silver amalgam fillings. Dental bonding uses a composite material that is color matched to your natural teeth to fix imperfections and fill gaps. The dental tooth bonding process usually takes less than an hour and can be performed in one visit in our center.


Examination / 50 $ /
Digital panoramic X ray / 50 $ /

Gum Lengthening / full Arch / 800 $ /
Full mouth deep cleaning / 123 $ /
Periodic scaling and Adult prophylaxis / 105 $ /
Child prophylaxis / 80 $ /
Bleaching / In-office + Home bleaching / 350 $ /

Tooth filling / 80 $ /

Root canal treatment / 135 – 252 $ /
Fiber post / 50 $ /

Cerec crown E max / same day / 750 $ /
Cerec crown E max / two days / 650 $ /
Zerconium Crown / 600 $ /
Cerec crown Empress / same day / 600 $ /
Cerec crown Empress / two days / 500 $ /
Porcelain crown / 350 $ /
Chromic steel crown / Nu smile crown / 150$ / 200 $ /

Cerec inlay / 400 $ /
Cerec veneer / 525 $ /
Veneer Cerec / 2 days / 400 $ /

Implant including crown / 1.200 $ /
Partial denture / 105 $ /
Vitalium / upper or lower / 525 $ /
Partial Denture / each tooth / 88 $ /
Complete denture / 400 $ /
Bone Graft per tooth / 150 $ /


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