Dental Center Tunis Tunisia

About Us
Our clinic is located in beautiful city of Tunis, Tunisia very close to the main international airport
Our main goal is to protect and care for the health of your teeth using the best material and technology.

Our mission is to make you love your dental practice experience and to change your opinion about dental procedures.
In our clinic you can get all dental treatments to make your smile beautiful and healthy.


  • Dental Implants
    If you are missing all of your teeth, an implant-supported full bridge or full denture can replace them. Dental implants will replace both your lost natural teeth and some of the roots.
    Dental implants provide several advantages over other teeth replacement options. In addition to looking and functioning like natural teeth, implant-supported full bridges or dentures are designed to be long lasting. Implant-supported full bridges and dentures also are more comfortable and stable than conventional dentures, allowing you to retain a more natural biting and chewing capacity.
    In addition, because implant-supported full bridges and dentures will replace some of your tooth roots, your bone is better preserved. With conventional dentures, the bone that previously surrounded the tooth roots begins to resorb (deteriorate). Dental implants integrate with your jawbone, helping to keep the bone healthy and intact.
  • General Dentistry
    Primary dental care for patients of all ages. We can treat you and your entire family and care for your overall oral health. This is crucial to your total health. We takes responsibility for the diagnosis, treatment and overall coordination of services to meet your oral health needs.
  • Teeth Whitening
    Tooth whitening, is either restoration of natural tooth shade or whitening beyond natural tooth shade, depending on the definition used. Restoration of the underlying, natural tooth shade is possible by simply removing surface stains and calculus.
  • Dental Prosthesis
    A dental prosthesis is an intraoral (inside the mouth) prosthesis used to restore (reconstruct) intraoral defects such as missing teeth, missing parts of teeth, and missing soft or hard structures of the jaw and palate. Prosthodontics is the dental specialty that focuses on dental prostheses.
  • Aesthetic Reconstructions
    We can correctly restore teeth that are broken down or missing. Teeth can be lost from decay, gum disease or accidental breakage. For optimal chewing and appearance, teeth need to come together in harmony to prevent discomfort to the joints and to prevent wear and tear to the actual teeth.
  • Dental Facets
    Dental facets are dental prosthetics which partially cover the tooth, thus the procedure is less invasive than tooth crown placing.
    – toot abnormal shape, volume, angle fractures, short teeth
    – to correct mild tooth position anomalies, rotated teeth
    – dental dystrophies
    – teeth discromy from fluorosis, tetracycline discromy – in which teeth whitening doesn’t work
    – closing the space between teeth in the case of diastema (gapped teeth)
  • Dental Crowns of Zirconia
    A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that is placed over a tooth — to cover the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, and improve its appearance.
    The crowns, when cemented into place, fully encase the entire visible portion of a tooth that lies at and above the gum line.
    Why Is a Dental Crown Needed?
    A dental crown may be needed in the following situations:
    To protect a weak tooth (for instance, from decay) from breaking or to hold together parts of a cracked tooth
    To restore an already broken tooth or a tooth that has been severely worn down
    To cover and support a tooth with a large filling when there isn’t a lot of tooth left
    To hold a dental bridge in place
    To cover misshapened or severely discolored teeth
    To cover a dental implant
    To make a cosmetic modification
  • Orthodontics for Kids and Adults
    Orthodontia is the specialty of dentistry that is concerned with the treatment of improper bites and crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatment can help fix the patient’s teeth and set them in the right place. Orthodontists usually use braces and clear aligners to set the patient’s teeth.[15] Orthodontists work on reconstructing the entire face rather than focusing only on teeth.
  • Laser Dentistry
    Laser dentistry can be a precise and effective way to perform many dental procedures. The potential for it to improve dental procedures rests in the dentist’s ability to control power output and the duration of exposure on the tissue (whether gum or tooth structure), allowing for treatment of a highly specific area of focus without damaging surrounding tissues.


Crown fillings ( white fillings)
Small :40£
Medium :50£
Large : from 60£
Fillers : from 100£

Root canal treatment : from 120£
Endodontic laser : 30£ per canal

Periodontal care
Full mouth descaling and polish + perio laser from 60£ per session(minimum 2 sessions)
Periodontic treatment laser : 70£ per session
Periodontic laser 30£ per tooth
Periodontic surgery : gingivectomie, dental lenghening ( with laser) : 40£ per tooth

Simple : from 40£ to 70£
Complicated : from 100£
Bone graft : from 160£ per unit

Implant placement from 500£
Implant+ Ceramic-metallic crown from 600£
Implant+ zirconia crown from 750£

Ceramic-metallic crown ( porcelain on metal) : from 180£
Full zirconia crown : 300£
Pressed porcelain : 250£
Inlay / onlay : from 200£
EMAX crown : 400£

Veneers / Facets
Ceramic facet : from 250£ to 390£
6 facets + teeth whitening : 1850£
Lumineers facet : 450£
Removable hollyood smile :from 1600£ and addition low arch from 500£

Flexible or injected : from 400£ per arch
Removable denture on 2 implants : from 1400£ per arch
Removable denture on 4 implants : from 2400£ per arch

Zoom bleaching with home combination : from 400£
Laser bleaching from 250£
Opalescence bleaching : 170£
Home whitening from 180£


  • Kids from 6 years old
    intercetion aligner from 600£
    removable appliance from 300£
    Transparent aligners from 2000£
  • Adults
    Transparent aligners maximum 16 Monthes from 2000£
    Clinic exam with Xray : from 30£
    Ortho exam and diagnosic : 80£

Laser Treatment
Gum pigment removal from 200£ per arch
Labial freinectomie from 300£
Biostimulation from 60£
Dental desensitization from 40£ per tooth

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