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Implants Vilnius

Dental Center Vilnius VOC was opened in 2016 in the capital of Lithuania.
Our dental clinic is a modern dental center that offers all dental treatments.
We are specialists in cosmetic dental treatments, implants and oral surgery.
Our mission is the highest level of dental services.
We solve all problems with teeth and jaws, we put smiles back on patients’ faces.
The professional team of dentists has a solution for all problems and uses the most modern equipment and technology for the best treatments.
The treatment plan is set only after a precise diagnosis.
For patients with complex cases, the entire team of doctors participates in solving the problem.
We provide respect and safety to every patient
Our main goal is for the patient to leave with healthy teeth, a beautiful smile and self confidence.

Dental Center Vilnius VOC follows global dental trends and innovations.

Dental Center Services Vilnius

General Dentistry
Oral Surgery
Professional Oral Hygiene
Dental Implants
Tooth Crowns / Veneers
All ON 4 Implants
Root Canal Treatments
Gum Treatments

Dental Consultation Vilnius / Dentist Treatment Plan

In our dental center in Vilnius, we carry out a detailed analysis and examination of each patient and create a treatment plan on an individual basis.

Tooth Extraction Vilnius

We can extract one or more teeth in one visit.
The tooth require extraction only when it cannot be saved or when it does not grow and causes complications.

The extraction of every tooth in Dental Center Vilnius VOC is carried out in detail and precisely.
During tooth extraction, anesthesia and the most modern devices are used so that the surrounding structures and teeth are not damaged.
We do simple tooth extractions and surgical complex tooth extraction.

Dental Implants Vilnius

The loss of one or more teeth causes numerous problems and impairs the quality of life of every patient. In our dental center in Vilnius, we offer all implantology solutions where we can help you if you are missing only one tooth or if you have no teeth at all.

The implant placement procedure itself is quick and easy, and all treatments are performed by the best implant specialists in Vilnius.
An artificial tooth root made of titanium is placed in the jawbone and a crown, bridge, prosthesis or fixed teeth are placed on it.

Implants help you eat more easily. They prevent further bone deterioration.
They look like a natural tooth.
Implants protect other teeth.
Implants makes your smile beautiful.

In our dental clinic in Vilnius, we use the best implants.

Megagen Implants are made of pure titanium and are extremely strong.

Straumann Implants are the best implants in the world.
Swiss quality, constant improvements, top quality materials and workmanship.

Straumann (SLActive and Roxolid)

A new generation of materials for dental implants.
Made of titanium and zirconium. Excellent ability to fuse with bone.
In two weeks from the placement of the implant, the stability of the same is achieved.

All On 4 Implants Vilnius

For patients who have lost all or almost all teeth, we offer a solution to restore the complete jaw with only 4 implants.
This method completely painlessly and quickly solves the problem of missing all teeth.
During All on 4 procedure, dentist insert 4 implants as a support for temporary fix teeth. After 4 – 6 months, dentist will place permanent fix teeth.

Implants function and look like natural teeth.
A solution for life.
Protects the bone from further decay.
Fast and free procedure.


In our dental clinic in Vilnius, we offer all solutions.
Dental crowns, bridges and prostheses.
We make zirconium and E Max crowns as well as metal ceramic crowns.
The crown completely imitates the appearance of the tooth and behaves like a natural tooth.

Prosthesis on implants is for the case of missing one or more teeth.
Removable and fixed prostheses

Teeth Whitening Vilnius

The fastest way to achieve a beautiful smile.

Laser Teeth Whitening is a quick and simple treatment with excellent results.
During the treatment, the dentist will use a special gel for the teeth, and then the laser acts on that gel and activates it, thus whitening the teeth.
Dentist will protect the gum area during the treatment.
Safe dental treatment.

Veneers Vilnius

In our dental center in Vilnius, we are specialists in porcelain veneers that achieve a high aesthetic effect.

Root Canal Treatments

Retreatment of root canal tretment

Repeated treatment of the dental canal when the tooth does not respond to the first treatment.
Our dental center in Vilnius uses the most modern equipment such as the Leica M320 F12 Dental Microscope for canals recovery. Leica microscopes are among the world’s leading microscopes.

Leica has developed a completely new system optimized for modern dentistry. Main characteristic of this microscope is the quality of apochromatic optics, along with the most advanced LED lighting system and high definition imaging technologies


X Ray / 10 EUR /
Composite Filling / 35 – 55 EUR /
Aesthetic Filling / 60 – 190 EUR /
Professional Teeth Cleaning / 45 – 75 EUR /
Teeth Whitening / 200 EUR /
Root Canal Treatment / 60 – 120 EUR /
Dental Implant / 580 – 780 EUR /
All ON 4 Implants / 4.500 EUR /
Sinus Lift / 300 – 850 EUR /
Tooth Extraction / 30 – 120 EUR /


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