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Network of modern and functional dental clinics. Our staff is entirely made up of medical experts in the dental field, whose only goal is to make dental care and professional service accessible to all. Our clinic is following high standards of hygiene and safety and the latest technology to ensure maximum performance at competitive rates. Smileclin performs all types of interventions: from the conservative orthodontics, implantology, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry.
Thousands of satisfied patients and interventions that we have done in recent years are the best guarantee of our high quality work.
You can TRUST us
Qualified doctors
The qualified personnel and the medical staff of Smileclin is composed of doctors with experience in the all fields of dentistry. The continuous updating, through CME courses provided by the Ministry of Health, contributing to the excellence of our services and provide advanced performance of our team.
We use only certified materials
The consumables and specific dental products used in our clinics are certified and come from the best Italian and European leader in the sector.
Tools and cutting-edge equipment
All instruments used during the treatment are certified and comply with European regulations for the protection of your health.

We respect strict hygiene rules
We follow an innovative sterilization process, which provides a complete decontamination of the equipment, and the environments of the seats after each use. This allows us to guarantee a healthy space and totally safe space, where you are protected. .

Maximum attention to detail
In our dental clinic we carry a complete dental service, from digital X-ray diagnostics to more complex interventions, to make you smile again in a short time even in the most difficult cases. For patients who come from far away, or have mobility problems, our staff is able to arrange accommodation and transport, because our goal is the maximum attention to the patient to make the experience at our center more pleasant and serene.

• Surgery
• Conservative & Endodontics
• Aesthetics
• Implantology
• Orthodontics
• Pediatric dentistry
• Prosthesis
• Digital panoramic & TAC

First visit – FREE
Professional teeth cleaning – 60 €
Aesthetic filling – from 85 €
Root canal therapy – from 120 €
Crown – from 290 €
Dental Implant Titanium from 490.00 €
Total final restoration with resin teeth (per jaw) – 900 €
Invisible orthodontic treatment INVISALIGN (2 arches) – from 1850 €
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