Dental Clinic Casablanca Smile

Best Dentist In Casablanca

Dental Clinic Casablanca Smile is a high quality dental center.
In our clinic you can get a full range of high quality dental treatments.
We are using the best materials and the most modern techniques to provide high quality treatment to each patient.

Our Specialities

Dental Implants

At Casa City Smile Clinic we have a team of hygienists who follow up on oral treatments right here at Dr. El Had Mohamed’s Casa City Smile clinic. We also offer hygienic care and the follow-up of your dental implants.

Dental implantology clinics in Morocco focus on their surgical skills, but neglect that it is not dental implants that people desire, but teeth! At Casa City Smile Dental Clinic, the analysis of your mouth is done according to the prosthetic need instead of the placement of dental implants.

Dental Implants Dentist Clinic Casablanca Smile

All stages of your treatments will be done within the Casa City Smile Dental Clinic. We are working with renowned dental laboratories, located nearby, to perform the complete metamorphosis of your smile. This makes it easier to choose color, adjust and repair the prostheses to be designed. Your dental care will be performed with us, from surgery to the mouthing of your dentures on dental implants.

Teeth Whitening
Dental Care Treatments
Oral Surgery
Children Dentistry

Other Treatments
Conservative Dentistry
Endodontics ( Root Canal Treatments )
Periodontics ( Gum Treatments )
Prosthetics ( Dentures )


PRICE LIST Dental Clinic Casablanca Smile
Consultation / 40 EUR /
Teeth Whitening / 450 EUR /
Teeth Cleaning / 70 EUR /

Implant / 900 EUR /
Implant and Porcelain Crown / 1.300 EUR /
ALL ON 4 / including implants, temporary teeth and final fixed teeth / 4.500 EUR per jaw /
ALL ON 6 / including implants, temporary teeth and final fixed teeth / 5.500 EUR per jaw /
Sinus Lift Procedure / 1.500 EUR /
Bone Graft / 400 – 800 EUR /

Deep Cleaning / Scaling / per quadrant / 150 EUR /

Metal Ceramic Crown / 450 EUR /
Ceramic crown / 550 EUR /
Full Zirconia crown / 450 EUR /
Veneer / 550 EUR /
Onlay, endocrown or CEREC crown / 470 EUR /
Composite Veneer / 150 EUR /
Composite Bonding / 100 EUR /
Temporay Crown / 100 EUR /
Partial Denture / 400 EUR /
Complete Denture / 700 EUR /

Root Canal / 100 EUR – 200 EUR /
Composite Restoration / 70 EUR /
Simple Tooth Removal / 70 EUR /
Surgical Tooth Removal / 300 EUR /


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