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Cosmetic Dentist Chisinau

Dental clinic Chisinau Moldova has the best dental specialists and we use the most modern dental technology.
Our dentists accurately set up the diagnose and develop a dental therapy plan before each procedure.

Dental Treatments Chisinau

Orthodontics Chisinau

Orthodontic treatments correct the incorrect position of the teeth, the relationship between the jaws and create a harmonious and also beautiful smile.
In our dental clinic in Chisinau, we use the most modern technologies.
Our dentists use top dental products from manufacturers such as Dentaurum, Schutz Dental, ORMCO Company, 3M UNITEK, GAC, TP Orthodontics, G&H Wire, Leone, Medesy, and others.
We are using the same materials in our dental center in Chisinau that best clinics in the UK, USA, Germany and other countries are using.
We offer orthodontic treatments for both children and adults. A large number of our patients are adults where we achieve excellent results.

Restorative Dentistry Chisinau Moldova

This part of our Dental Clinic Chisinau Moldova is the most interesting for our patients because aesthetic things are done here that will contribute to the appearance of the patient himself.
We restore teeth taking into account function and aesthetics as well as the health of the tooth itself.
With the help of modern composite materials, we can successfully restore the teeth of our patients. Problems with the color and also shape of the teeth will be a thing of the past after visiting our dentists in Chisinau.

In our Dental Clinic Chisinau Moldova we make:

Direct restorations with composite material.
Ceramic Crowns, Veneers, Inlays and Onlays. All prepared in our dental lab.
Complete restoration of the function and appearance of the teeth.

Experienced Dental Specialists are making all dental treatments in our dentist center. We use materials from the best manufacturers for each patient in relation to the diagnosis that is provided.
In addition to the diagnosis, we consider the wishes of our patients.
In our Chisinau dental clinic, we can make every smile perfect.

Dental Prostheses Chisinau Moldova

The specialist in prosthetics in our dental clinic in Chisinau guides and following the patients from the beginning to the end of the prosthetic treatment, taking into account the appearance and functionality of the new teeth.
Our dentists create a new smile for you.
Lack of teeth is a very widespread problem in today’s society. Poor nutrition, stress, insufficient hygiene, use of certain medications all affect poor condition and loss of teeth.
Then the patient should contact a specialist in prosthetics.

Our highly experienced dental specialists have a lot of experience and can solve even the most difficult cases.

fixed prostheses
mobile prostheses
partial dentures
fixed prostheses

We make prostheses entirely from ceramics, as well as a combination of metal and ceramics.
Zircon prosthetics
Prostheses on implants
Inlays and Onlays

Partial dentures can be of a metal ceramic variant or fully ceramic with or without artificial gums.
After we give the patient new teeth, we will provide all the information about the care and also hygiene that the patient should carry out.

While waiting for his teeth, the patient will be able to wear temporary teeth in order to exclude aesthetic and functional problems.

Dental Implants Chisinau

In our Chisinau dental center, we specialize in all types of implant procedures. We help patients to replace lost teeth, to get rid of old dentures, to prevent further decay of the remaining teeth.
After a precise examination and analysis that includes X ray images, CBCT images, an examination by an implant specialist, a therapy plan is set.
In our dental clinic in Chisinau, we can place implants immediately after tooth extraction, as well as if you have lost teeth in the near or distant past.
In some patients, it is possible to apply immediate loading implants, where a dental crown or prosthesis can be placed immediately after the placement of the dental implant. So you can get new teeth in just one visit.

In our Chisinau dental clinic, we place implants in two stages.
We use implants from well known global manufacturers: Alpha Bio, A.B., AlphaDent, ADIN / Israel /, IHDE Dental / Switzerland /, TEKKA / France / and others.

A dental implant is placed in place of a lost or extracted tooth. Implants are made of pure titanium. Implants are very strong and can last a lifetime.
Today, implantology is developing very quickly, and millions of people around the world wear implants.
The success rate of implant procedures is very high, 98%.

X Ray Dental Lab Chisinau

In our clinic, we have our own X Ray dental laboratory that uses the most modern equipment.

The first examination of the patient is performed with the help of the best Orthopanetomograph Sirona Orthophos XG devices.

We do examinations of children and adults.
Examination of the maxillary sinus.
Imaging of temporomandibular joints in lateral projection with the mouth closed and open.

The recording is short term and we get the results immediately.

Oral Surgery Chisinau

The Oral Surgery department of our Chisinau dental clinic has the most modern equipment and also materials that we use in oral surgeries.
Highly qualified doctors provide all oral surgery services such as:
Installation of implants.
Bone Graft
Reconstruction of gums.
Minimally invasive tooth extraction.
Complex Tooth Extractions

Before each procedure, dental specialist will make a precise diagnosis after a detailed examination by an oral surgeon.
All factors such as aesthetics, functionality, etc. are taken into account.
Using minimally invasive methods, we provide the patient with the best possible dental treatment.
We remove cysts and also perform surgical orthodontic treatments.

Dental Clinic Hygiene

Dental clinic Chisinau follows the strictest hygiene rules.
For each patient, we provide an individual set consisting of sterile surfaces, gown, cap, napkin for the patient, vacuum cleaners, glasses, disposable gloves, masks and also bibs. It also uses a set with sterile instruments, which opens in front of the patient.
All instruments are sterilized at a temperature between 121 and 134 degrees and also with the help of ultrasound.


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