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Dental Clinic Heraklion Crete
In a pleasant environment, fitted with the best equipment, we welcome you with a warm smile.
Our dental practice is open in 1996 and has therefore been operational for over two decades.
Our experience, constant training and persistence to detail guarantee our high standard of services.
We use the most advanced methods. Painless treatments. Most affordable prices as possible.

The quality of dental care is our pride.
We offer a wide range of dental treatments under one roof / advanced cosmetic dentistry / dental implants / oral surgery / gum treatments / root canal treatments / dental prosthetics / teeth whitening / and much more.
Successful treatments supported by the newest technology.
Doctor and team plan the procedure from start to finish in detail to ensure perfect results and client satisfaction. The dental surgeon will make your experience enjoyable and care free.

Dental Treatments in Heraklion Crete Clinic

Doctor will explain the whole treatment step by step. The patient will then be able to make the decisions. Thus, the patient will not encounter any hidden costs with complete information throughout the procedure.
We will explain all dental problems using digital examples which helps the client to understand completely the recommended treatment.
Save precious time: our implantology, prosthetics and root canal treatment services offer options that last just a few appointments.
We invest in continuing education. Our dental clinic use minimally invasive techniques and painless treatments.

Dental Clinic Heraklion Crete uses only the best materials available in the dental industry for dental treatments. The equipment and tools are also of the highest standard.
Our principles are to maintain a high level of hygiene in all areas, to take measures against cross contamination of diseases, to provide a high level of service, consistency and accountability.
We clean the dental instruments in an ultrasonic device for the removal of possible organic residues, followed by special packaging and sterilization in an autoclave.

Best Dentist Heraklion

The materials we use are disposable. We clean handles and surfaces with powerful disinfectant solutions that are effective in neutralizing bacteria, fungi and viruses including hepatitis B, C virus and HIV virus. Minimal tissue strain, maximum biological benefit and longevity.

In each case, we use local anesthesia before any treatment. Particular emphasis is placed on the elimination of pain both during and after the treatment.
We ensure that the ultimate therapeutic effect is predictable. Excellent prognosis and long term success.
Appointments last between 1 up to 1.30 hours. No delays and waiting time. More efficiency. Noticeably fewer visits. Detailed dental and medical history of the patient is obtained. Digital photos and digital radiological control of all teeth, if necessary.

The proposed treatment plans are drawn up on the basis of documentation and therapeutic protocols. With respect to the patients’ financial capabilities. Emphasis is given on understanding the patients’ individual expectations and clarification as to their implementation to a feasible extent.
The final aesthetic result can be designed and presented to the patient on plaster models obtained from his mouth or intraorally in elastic casts. Thus, the patient immediately understands the proposed shape and size of the teeth, makes possible modifications, and based on the final picture of the models, or in the casts, the treatment plan is drawn up and all the subsequent stages can be carried out.
Particular focus is placed on patient’s treatment plan and encouraging our patients to ask questions.
Payment of the total cost can be made via credit card or in cash.

SERVICES Dental Clinic Heraklion Crete

  • Dental Implants / Best Price /
    Treatments with dental implants
    Sinus Lift / Bone grafts /

  • Preventive Dentistry / Best Price /
    Your first visit
    The diagnostic visit includes:
    Obtaining a complete medical and dental history
    Clinical control of your oral area
    Consultation with you about your personal dental needs and wishes so that we can proceed to the best treatment plan for you
    X ray / if necessary /
    In case of toothache, the treatment will begin immediately, with absolute priority over the treatment plan we have agreed upon.

  • Laser Treatments / Best Price /
    Oral LASER
    With the use of LASER we provide dental services with the most recent technological developments in various fields of Dentistry.
    The application of laser in dentistry enables a range of treatments to be implemented, which most likely would not have been possible without this technology.
Cosmetic Dentist Heraklion
  • Cosmetic Dentistry / Best Price /
    Teeth Whitening
    Full Ceramic Crowns
    Porcelain Veneers
    Aesthetic Dental Fillings

  • Prosthetic Restorations / Best Price /
    Metal Ceramic Crowns
    Full Ceramic Crowns
    Porcelain Veneers
    Removable Dentures
    Bruxism Splints

  • Gum Sculpting / Best price /
    If you have a low or uneven gum line, often described as a ‘gummy smile’, or if your gum line is uneven, then gum sculpting can transform even the gummiest of smiles and help create a smile you’ve always dreamed of.
    Gum cosmetic sculpting refers to the surgical removal of gingival tissue as a therapeutic intervention due to the presence of persistent periodontal disease or for purely aesthetic reasons.

  • Gingivitis Treatments / Best Price /
  • Periodontitis Treatments / Best Price /
  • Oral Surgery / Best Price /

Sinus Lifting / Best Price /
Bone Graft Procedure / Best Price /
Tooth Extraction

  • Root Canal Treatments / Best Price /
PRICE LIST / Best Prices /

Oral examination / Free /
Dental X ray / € 20 /
Composite filings / € 70 – € 100 /
Teeth extraction / € 70 /
Surgical teeth extraction / € 250 /
Apicectomy, cyst removal / € 300 /
Use of artificial bone graft / € 200 /

Dental implant with final restoration / one crown / € 900 – € 1.500 /

Root Canal Treatment / € 100 /
Root Canal treatment with final filing and pin / € 200 – € 300 /

Crown with biocompatible metal covered with porcelain / € 350 /
Crown made of Zirconia / Porcelain / € 450 /
Full ceramic crown / E MAX € 450 /
Porcelain Veneers / € 350 /
Tooth cleaning / Plaque removal / € 80 /

Gingivitis Treatment / € 200 /
Sub gingival gum treatment under anesthesia in case of moderate periodontitis / € 500 /
Surgical treatment of advanced periodontitis / € 1.500 /

Removable denture / one piece / € 600 – € 1.000 /
Fixation of broken denture / € 200 – € 400 /


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