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About Us
Dental Tourism Macedonia is a state of the art dental clinic that offers high quality dental care at very affordable prices.
Save up to 80% on your dental treatments!
We can organize your visit from a first consultation and cost estimate, to the full organization of your trip, accommodation and organization of excursions in Skopje and in all the country.
One of the things that distinguish us from the other clinics is our individual approach to each patient. For each patient we prepare an individual plan for treatment by taking into consideration his wishes and the financial possibilities.
Contact our team in order to organize your dental trip to Macedonia.
With a reputation founded on the highest standards for dental and oral healthcare, Dental Tourism Macedonia continues its mission of making lives better, healthier and more enjoyable.
Come to Macedonia and save up to 80% on dental treatments!
We are a dental clinic in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, having a worldwide excellent reputation for providing high quality dental care. We offer high quality services at very competitive prices, 60-80% lower prices compared to the prices in Western Europe, USA or Australia. The high quality, the competitive prices and the good traffic connections, that is what makes Skopje, the capital of Macedonia one of the best dental tourism destinations in Europe.
The studio with it’s location in the city center, equipped to match the latest trends, is structurally organized in a way that will provide efficient solution for any problems related to your teeth.
The practice stands out due to its personalized approach to every patient during all work stages, from implant dentistry to prosthetic solutions, which are created at the best dental laboratory in the state. Patient satisfaction is best exemplified by the fact that over 80% of patients come to us upon recommendation.
Comfortable interior, friendly atmosphere, high professional and hygienic standards and the kind attitude of all our employees are the reasons for the trust of entire families, as well as individuals of all generations.
Most members of our team have been working in an international environment for several years.
You can communicate with us in Macedonian, Croatian, Italian, German, English and Slovenian.
The staff of the clinic is highly professional and educated. Our staff is composed of
– Specialist in oral surgery and implantology
– Specialist in prosthetics
– 4 dentists
– Nurse

Our success is guaranteed by the big number of treatments, their high quality, the quality of the used materials and by the affordable prices – you can save up to 80%.
Dental Tourism Macedonia organizes trips for dental treatments from a first consultation and free cost estimate to the full organization of your trip, accommodation and organization of excursions in Skopje and in all the country.

Our clinic offers to you complete service:
– High quality treatments
– Use of highest quality materials with CE certificate
– Specialists and dentists with decades of experience
– Guarantee for dental implants, crowns and bridges
– Complete organization of the trip, the accommodation and the activities during the stay
– Free transport airport-hotel-clinic and translator during the treatments
– Free local cell phone during your stay

Treatments at Dental Tourism Macedonia
– Prevention
– Implantology and oral surgery (dental surgery)
– Fixed prosthetics
– Semi-fixed prothesis
– Mobile prosthetics
– Conservative dentistry
– About Periodontology
– Aesthetical dentistry
– Disinfection and sterilisation


  • Diagnostic Prices (in EUR)
    Specialist visit and consultation FREE
    Digital X-Ray FREE
    Digital Ortho-Pantograph X-Ray 20 EUR
  • Implantology / Oral Surgery Prices (in EUR)
    Premium Dental Implant (lifetime warranty on the product) 550
    Small Sinus Lift (material included) 350
    Big Sinus Lift (material included) 600
    Extraction (simple) 33
    Extraction (Surgical) 85
    Surgical Extraction of Impacted Tooth 140
    Apicoectomy 1 Root Tooth 160
    Apicoectomy 2,3 Roots Tooth 200
    Apicoectomy With Retrograde Filling 170
  • Crowns Prices (in EUR)
    Porcelain Crowns Fused To Metal (3-5 years warranty) 140
    Titanium Ceramic Crown (3-5 years warranty) 180
    Zirconium Ceramic Crown (3-5 years warranty) 240
    Full Zirconia CAD CAM Crown (3-5 years warranty) 260
    E.max Full Porcelain Crown (3-5 years warranty) 260
    Porcelain Veener (3 years guarantee) 265
    Porcelain INLAY / ONLAY235
    Telescopic Crown 100
    Temporary Crown15
    Crown / Bridge RemovalFREE
  • Prosthetic Prices (in EUR)
    Total Acrylic Denture (per jaw complete with teeth) 330
    Partial Acrylic Denture (complete with teeth) 330
    Wisil Denture 500
    Wisil Denture With CE-KA Attachments 600
    Denture Rebase 70
  • Other Treatments Prices (in EUR)
    Professional Cleaning and Polishing 45
    Porcelain Dental Fillings 33 / 38 / 45
    Root Canal Therapy 1 root 75
    Root Canal Therapy 2,3 roots 95
    Teeth Whitening WHITE SMILE 245
    Fiber Glass Post / Core70
    Night Guard 90
    List of our services free of charge for all our patients:
  • Free transfer from the airport to Skopje and from apartment to clinic
  • Travel organization
  • Accommodation reservation (apartments and hotels)
  • Foreign language – speaking staff
  • Free specialist visit
  • Free treatment cost calculation
  • Free internet connection in the clinic
  • Own parking lo
  • Free cell phone for being in contact with us 24/7

The payment can be made in cash directly in the clinic or with card. We accept: Visa, Maestro and MasterCard.

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