Dental Clinic Porto Medical

About Us
Medical Art Center’s mission is to efficiently practice dental treatments through personalized and value-added service, ensuring the satisfaction of its patients. In addition, Medical Art Center continually seeks the best technological solutions with the help of its human resources in order to provide the best treatments and healthcare to its patients by investing in, equipment, skilled human resources and infrastructure.
The Medical Art Center aims to be a reference dentistry clinic, recognized as the best treatment option for its patients, with the best technical and aesthetic solutions.

Dental Implants
Laser Treatments
Aesthetic Dentistry ( Veneers, Teeth Whitening )
Oral Surgery

Composite Filling 75 EUR
Extraction Simple 60 EUR
Extraction (surgical/impacted ) 150 EUR
Porcelain inlay/onlay 400 EUR
Teeth Whitening 650 EUR
Regular teeth cleaning 75 EUR
Composite veneer 200 EUR
Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant ) 25 EUR

Crowns / Veneers
Metal Ceramic Crown 500 EUR
Ceramic crown 759 EUR
Porcelain veneer 750 EUR
Zirconia crown 750 EUR
Temporary crown/veneer 150 EUR

Full Denture 500EUR
Partial Denture 250 EUR

Implant Procedures
Dental Implant ( implant only ) 1.500EUR
Sinus lifting 1.500 EUR
“All on Four” System 6.750 + 3.859 EUR
“All on Six” System 9.000 + 3.859 EUR
Bone graft (large) 500 EUR
Bone graft (small) 300 EUR
Root Canal Treatment 180 – 250 EUR

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