Dental Crown Cost Romania

Tooth Crowns Bucharest

Dental Crown Cost Romania

Crown Emax All Porcelain / 350 EUR /
Crown Zirconia / 250 EUR /
Cerec restorations / CAD CAM designed and milled in house in 8 minutes / 260 EUR /
Telescopic Crown / 300 EUR /
Temporary Crown / 65 EUR /
Post and Core Reconstruction / 65 EUR /
Bridge per unit / 200 EUR /

CEREC Dental Crowns Bucharest Romania

Natural looking dental restorations

Our Dental Clinic in Bucharest, Romania offers to their patients high quality dental restorations at best Dental Crown Cost Romania. In one simple visit using the CEREC system. This is a best technology that uses computerized processes. Treatment design and also mill a perfectly fitting restoration in only one visit.

One of the many benefits of CEREC is that each restoration is mill out of a single block of porcelain / composite / zirconia /. Since each restoration is created this way, it is durable, and long lasting.

Most dental restorations such as crowns, bridges and veneers can take up to two weeks or longer to create by a lab. CEREC restorations can be in one simple visit. Thanks to the efficient built in scanner, design terminal and milling unit, we can do all the necessary preparations during your appointment. Before treatment consultation are provided.

Aesthetic Dental Crown Bucharest Romania

The high quality material that CEREC uses is of aesthetic and durable material. Porcelain / composite or zirconia which closely resembles your natural tooth colour and opacity. Dental Crown Cost Romania.

Each Cerec block can come from a selection of 17 different shades. We can stain and match your new restoration to your natural teeth color for a more beautiful smile.

Comfortable, precise fit

You can say goodbye to gooey impressions, touchy temporaries, and ill fitting permanent crowns. CEREC CAD / CAM use digital image for a precise fit without all the mess.

With CEREC, we can scan your mouth digitally, eliminating the need for foul-tasting, messy impression materials. The scan provides us with a three-dimensional image to work with as we design your restoration.

The CEREC has an intuitive design software that customizes your crown for a precise fit.

Crown In One Day Bucharest

The strength that comes from milling your restoration out of a single block makes it durable and resistant. No cracks and flaws when chewing and biting.

Studies have shown that CEREC restorations can last just as long as traditional methods of crown fabrication at a lab if properly cared for. The CAD / CAM system has been on the market for a good 30 years now and over 250 scientific studies have confirmed the clinical safety of tried and tested CEREC tooth restorations. Worldwide, more than 30 million tooth restorations are the result of CEREC. The success rate of CEREC restorations is 95.5 % during the first 9 years, and 84% after 18 years.

Less discomfort and appointments

CEREC restorations only take a few minutes, meaning there is no need for a second appointment, or multiple injections of anaesthesia.

Faster recovery time with less tooth sensitivity

CEREC restorations is to restore a tooth that has undergone a procedure, such as Root Canal Therapy. Restoring a tooth immediately after a treatment means there is less irritation, and it helps protect the tooth’s structure and prevents further infection.

Best Dentist Crowns Bucharest Romania

The CEREC’s computerized system is precise and efficient. A 3D digital image go to the automated milling machine, which fabricates the restoration in just a few minutes. The block of Cerec is cut and also shaped with accurate computer-controlled mechanisms.

Metal Free and biocompatible materials

CEREC restorations are made of ceramic porcelain, which is not harmful to your body in any way. Unlike silver fillings, there is no metal, no mercury or ugly gray lines at the base of the tooth near the gum line.

Furthermore, for more complex work, we have acquired the Cerec Inlab System.

Dental Clinic Bucharest Romania now offers CEREC inLab restorations that give us choices that create a path to excellence for any clinical indication choices that concur both aesthetically and clinically with the our touch, along with our standard technique. CEREC inLab is an opportunity to expand our business. To offer patients the benefits of all ceramic CAD / CAM restorations, while maintaining the same easy prep and placement methods we currently employ.

The precise digital impression in the patient’s mouth and the 1:1 transfer of the model data provide us with an accurate working environment. Possible sources of error in conventional impression taking and also model production are eliminated. The SLA manufactured models are distortion free, impact as well as abrasion resistant and are not affected even by frequent mounting and detaching the restoration on the stump form.

Range of indications: inlays, onlays, veneers, full anatomical crowns, copings, large and also small bridge frameworks, temporaries, bars, attachments, wax ups, individual abutments for a choice of implant systems.

Material variety: all ceramics, as well as polymers and metals.

Cost effective: efficient fabrication of zirconium oxide frameworks.


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