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Best Dental Clinic in Costa Rica

Goodness Dental is located in the upscale area of Escazu, the most cosmopolitan district in all of Costa Rica.
Our clinic is located in the Habitat Business Center with access to international shopping, hotels, an incredible variety of restaurants and a large cinema complex.
Goodness Dental is accessible by elevator and meets ADA guidelines for disability accessibility. Our clinic offers clean, sleek lines and a modern interior with accessible bathrooms for men and women. On-site parking makes it easy to get in and out of our building.
While at Goodness Dental, enjoy a cup of Costa Rican coffee or bottled water before we begin the examination. Sit back in our comfy dental chairs and watch as we show you (in real time) images of your teeth and gums from our intra-oral camera.
We’ve invested in high tech equipment and technology to ensure that our patients receive the very best.
Goodness Dental is accredited by Global Clinic Ratings and meets all internationally recognized standards for optimal patient safety to ensure the delivery of safe dental care

Why Choose Us ?

  • Competitive Prices
    Goodness Dental offers guaranteed quality, affordable pricing and US standards. We won’t ever tell you that we have the lowest prices. You can’t hire leading specialists and use the highest quality materials and still offer the lowest prices. While our prices are always affordable, we focus on providing our patients with the best possible care using the best technology and the highest quality materials.
  • American Owned & Managed
    Goodnss Dental is American owned and operated. Our patient coordinators are retired US dentists. Their only goal is to help patients find safe, affordable dental care. No high-pressure sales…just respected American dentists giving solid advice and guidance.
  • ADA and OSHA Compliant
    We comply with all American Dental Association and OSHA guidelines for the health and safety of our patients.
  • Accredited
    Goodness Dental is accredited and meets the highest international standards for patient care and safety. Accreditation is a promise between Goodness Dental and our patients, demonstrating that we have your best interests at heart. Our commitment to quality is documented by an independent third-party healthcare accreditation organization.
  • Patients Before Profits
    Every business needs to make a profit. We’re no different. But at Goodness Dental, we put the needs of our patients ahead of company profits. Just ask our patients.
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Titanium Dental Implants
    Goodness Dental offers a Lifetime Guarantee on our top-rated titanium dental implants. If for any reason your dental implant should fail, we’ll replace it for free…for life! Compare our guarantee to
    other competitors and see why Goodness Dental is the best dental team.
  • English Speaking Dentists

Every one of our specialists speaks fluent English for easy communication.

  • We Make Dental Care Fun
    Ok…perhaps we can’t make dental care “fun”…but we love taking care of our patients. You’ll feel it right away. We’ll take great care of you and we’ll do our best to help you enjoy every minute of your dental care with Goodness Dental.
    We’ll give you a beautiful smile…and lots of reasons to feel like smiling.
    So SMILE…or as we say in Costa Rica, Sonria!
    You’ll love every minute at Goodness Dental Boutique.


    Dental implants are a safe and long-lasting option for replacing missing teeth.
    They are popular among patients and dentists alike because they look and feel like natural teeth and also offer great stability and strength. Once dental implants are in the patient’s mouth, they can be maintained and cleaned as normal teeth.
  • ALL ON 4/5/6/8
    Goodness Dental is the leading dental clinic for All on 4 dental implants in Costa Rica.
    A highly skilled team of specialists including maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists and prosthodontists work together to provide patients with precisely placed dental implants and artistically lifelike, natural-looking restorations. At Goodness Dental all dental implants come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.
    A full mouth restoration, also called a full mouth reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation is a process to rebuild or restore all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws.
    A full mouth restoration combines cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry to improve the health, function, and beauty of the mouth.
    When teeth have been damaged or lost, a crown provides the patient with the tooth’s original form, strength, and functionality.
    Developments in dental research have allowed laboratories to create crowns that look and function like natural teeth.
    A dental bridge is used to fill a gap created by one or more missing teeth.
    If you have a couple of missing teeth that makes you feel self-conscious, a dental bridge will fill these gaps and give you a reason to smile again.
    All of us want to have straight white teeth and a beautiful smile. With Goodness Dental you can have a perfect smile at a price you can afford.
    Our state-of-the-art equipment and technology produce effective and beautiful permanent results in compliance with strict ADA and OSHA standards.
    A provisional, temporary or interim prosthesis is a fixed or removable dental prosthesis.
    They are designed to enhance esthetics, stabilization, and/or function for a limited time (generally 2-6 months: depending on use), after which it is to be replaced.
    Getting porcelain veneers is one of the most popular dental treatments for improving the beauty of your teeth.
    It is a relatively simple procedure that results in an amazing, beautiful smile.
    Veneers allow dentists to modify the shape and appearance of the front teeth and allow patients to whiten their teeth permanently.
    Dentures, also known as false teeth, are prosthetic devices designed to replace missing teeth.
    If you have remaining teeth, you may require a partial denture, which will be supported by these remaining teeth.

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