Dental Implants San Jose

About Us
House of the best Costa Rica dentist, the most affordable dental implants and best price dentistry.
We offer 5% discount in your cash payment on top of our incredible prices.
We will take care of you at every point of your dental vacation.

  1. Everything starts with an email asking for a quotation of your treatment, a panoramic x-ray is require for this stage.
  2. We will reply with your quotation and the next step is to ask for a date of your travel and timeframe to complete.
  3. Send us your flight info and we will send our driver to pick you up at the airport.
  4. We will make a check up and give you the treatment plan and schedule.
    For our patients we can organise transfer from and to the clinic.
    For the treatments over $1000 USD the transportation from the airport and to the airport are paid for our patients.
    If your treatment is under $1000 USD you will have to pay $100 USD if you hotel is 10 kms or less from the clinic or $150 USD if you hotel is farter than that.
    This amount doesn’t include other services to the convenience store or tours or other trips that you like to arrange.

Our Services

  • Dental Cosmetics
    Veneers, bondings, teeth whitening, crowns.
  • Rehabilitation Procedures
    Dentures, bridges.
  • Dental Implants
    Another way to replace the missing teeth.
  • Root Canals
    This is the best way to save the teeth and eliminate the pain!

Price List

  • Diagnostics
    General Check-up (includes cleaning and x-rays) $100
    Endodontical Check up $100
    Panoramic x-ray $40
    CT Dental
    Scan Full $250
    Arch $100
    Partial $100
  • Oral Rehabilitation
    Porcelain Fused to Metal (Semiprecious) $350
    All Metal (High Noble) $400
    Full Porcelain Feldespatic$350
    Full Porcelain Emax COMPUTER MADE $350
    Monolithic Zirconium Bruxzir(r) $350
    (The bridge unit will have the same price as a crown of the same material)
    Cobalt Chrome $500
    (This is metallic frame with acrylic gum and high aesthetics composite teeth.)
    Acrylic $300
    Snap on denture on implants (includes housings) $1000
    Composite Ivoclar fillings $60
    We offer to performed the surgery the placement of Zimmer, ImplantDirect, 3i, Intralock, MIS brands, Biohorizons.
    MILO $600
    Implant Direct $600
    MIS $600
    Zimmer $600
    Biohorizons $600
    (includes 2nd Stage Surgery and Abutment computer made and high noble crown or monolithic zirconium)
    This crown will be made in monolithic zirconium and custom made abutment. PRICE $600
    Bone Graft $350
    Sinus Lift $1000
  • Root Canal Therapy
    This treatment is not painful and it can be performed with Nitrous Oxide sedation or IV sedation for extra charge of $400 USD
    This treatment will be performed in 1 appointment.
    Root Canal $300
    Apicectomy Surgery $400
  • Periodontal Treatment
    Scaling and polishing $150 per quadrant
    Access and Visibility Surgery (exploring surgery) $200
    Periodontal Abscess $100
    Radicular amputation $300
    Guided Regeneration with particulated bone for vertical defects with scaling and polish $400
    Guided tissue regeneration $400
    Block Graft $500 – 1000
    Bone Recontouring $100
    Gingivectomy $100
    Soft tissue recontouring (gingivoplastic surgery) $100
    Soft tissue grafting $200
    Bone Graft $350
    Radicular covering $200
    Soft tissue surgery $150 – 300
    Frenectomy $100
    Crown lenghtening $100
  • Surgery
    Third Molar Surgery $100
    Surgical Extraction $100
    Sinus Lift $1000
    Bone Grafts $350 – 1000

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