Dentist Pacos Ferreira Portugal

About Us
One of the best dental clinics in Portugal is providing range of high quality dental treatments for international patients.
The clinic has highly experienced medical-dental team and best equipment. In this way, we offer the best possible health care in the various specialties.
The basis of our treatments is always an individualized concept with the application of the latest knowledge in Dentistry.
We present a wide range of solutions always making individual treatment plan.

Oral Surgery
Pediatric dentistry
Aesthetic Dentistry
Aesthetic medicine

Price List
Consultations – 50 EUR
Endodontics Treatment – €60 to €170
Simple Extraction – 60 EUR
Extraction (surgical/impacted ) EUR – €75 to €250
Tartar removing and polishing – 60 EUR
Deep cleaning per quadrant – 50 EUR
Implant + Ceramic Crown – 1500 EUR
Implant Only – 800 EUR
Crown on implant – 800 EUR
Temporary Crown – 75 EUR
Ceramic Crown – 700 EUR
Ceramic Veneer – 700 EUR
Invisalign (invisible orthodontic treatment) – €3000 a €6000

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