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About Us
High quality dental studio located in Palermo.
Dental Center is a point of reference for many people who want to take care of the oral health. The main strengths of our studio is the experience and professionalism,and the use of cutting-edge technologies in providing high quality service.
Dental Studio is providing a complete range of services.
It ranges from dental prostheses to extraction (including the wisdom tooth by executing and performing complex ones as well), from general dental care to adult orthodontics. The list of activities also includes dental fillings, the treatment of dental malocclusions, dental cleaning, anesthesia, dental care, and the analysis of the health of teeth and gums. It also ranges between conservative dentistry, endodontics and immediate loading implantology. We also deal with periodontology,fixed and mobile prostheses.
Dental Center has been operating for about twenty years.
The base of the success is the excellent relationship established with the patients. We treat patients in a best possible way providing individual treatment,in welcoming environment. Studio space is modern and hospitable, equipped with cutting-edge equipment in the field of odontostomatology (implantology, periodontics, prosthesis and surgery), in compliance with current health and safety regulations.
Dental Studio is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. It is possible to pay by debit card, cash or credit card. The studio is located near the Politeama Garibaldi Theater and is easily reachable by public transport.
You can request a free treatment plan to realize the level of expense related to any prosthesis or treatment. The Dental Center guarantees a certain transparency, making clear the costs from the first moment. The patient is put in a position to decide whether or not to accept economic conditions freely and unconditionally.


We go from the traditional prosthesis to the most innovative solutions. During the application of these prostheses great care is always taken not to damage the neighboring teeth.

Fixed or mobile prosthesis
You can choose between the fixed and the mobile version. The dentist adequately illustrates each option. The choice is linked to the patient’s clinical condition, but also to a series of pros and cons that should be taken into account. The fixed prosthesis can not be removed, while the mobile one can be removed and then reinserted at any time, making it more versatile.

Oral Surgery
Extraction (wisdom tooth, complex extraction)

Dental care
Orthodontics for adults
Treatment of dental fillings
Dental cleaning
Immediate loading or osteointegrated implantology
Conservative dentistry for adults and children
Children Dentistry
In some cases it is essential to proceed with the local sedation. This system is also useful with those who feel a certain fear and who want to avoid any form of pain. The specialist always pays particular attention, so that the intervention is not painful.

PRICE LIST ( Price List is informative only, for a final price consultations are necessary ).
Composite Filling 150 EUR
Extraction Simple 120 EUR
Extraction (surgical/impacted ) 350 EUR
Porcelain inlay/onlay 800 EUR
Teeth Whitening 350 EUR
Regular teeth cleaning 120 EUR
Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant ) 100 EUR

Crowns / Veneers
Porcelain crown 850 EUR
Veneer 700 EUR
Zirconia crown EUR
Temporary crown/veneer 100 EUR

Implant Procedures
Dental Implant (implant only) 1200 EUR
Sinus lifting 800 EUR
“All on Four” System 11.500 EUR
“All on Six” System 13.500 EUR
Bone graft (large) 1200 EUR
Bone graft (small) 700 EUR
Root Canal Treatment
Other Treatments
Overdenture (Total lower Prosthesis in toothless patients) on 2 Implants = 4.500,00 EUR
Overdenture ( Total top Prosthesis in toothless patients) on 4 Implants = 6.500,00 EUR
Full Mouth Disinfection + Fluorine application ( Periodontal conditions) = 200,00 EUR
Perio-pack; 3 hours in one day ( Diagnosis + Perio Test + Perio Chart + Complete rx exams of single teeth + Panoramic Radiograph + Full Mouth Disinfection + Teeth whitening + Fluorine application) = 1.200,00 EUR

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