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About Us
Integrated Medical and Dental Clinic began its activity in March 2005. It is a project created with a lot of commitment. In our clinic you will feel like at home.
The building, a two-story house is remodelade and transformed, by its founder Dr. Dora Pires, Clinic Director and medical dentist,
All the details have been chosen and oriented in order to provide excellent care with conditions and equipment of great quality.
Comfort, a very important factor, has led to create a waiting room identical to the rooms of our houses and also a space for the little ones. The decor and layout of the cabinets are carefully selected to soften the discomfort of each trip to the doctor.
Initially dedicated to the area of Dental Medicine, Integrated Clinic expand horizons and today has a wide range of services and a medical team in the various Clinical Specialties.
We pay special attention on the human side of all our team and the transparency with which we work. In this way we can ensure the best treatment for the patients and well-being and comfort of those who are looking for us.

  • Our clinic is equipped Digital X Ray System ( periapical, panoramic, profile, 3D Tomography ).

Dentistry Treatments
Whitening Treatment is a technique that aims to clarify the tone of the teeth. It can be made at home using acrylic trays (designed through individual molding), where a gel (carbamide peroxide) is placed and inserted into the mouth for 2-3 hours per day for about 2-3 weeks; Or in the office by applying hydrogen peroxide, allowing the teeth to clear with the incidence of a plasma / laser light.

Radiological examinations
Tele radiography / Profile Rx
Endodontics is the specialty of Dentistry directed to the treatment of pathologies of the pulp (commonly denominated by nerve).
The dental pulp is located inside the tooth and is surrounded by the hard tissue – the dentin – being responsible for nutrition and tooth sensitivity, through the blood vessels and nerves that constitute it.

An implant is a titanium structure whose function is to replace a dental root. It is placed in edentulous areas or in replacement of a root extracted in the same surgical act. The surgery is simple and quick, but there may be a small pain or swelling that lasts between two to three days. The failure rate (not osseointegration) is very low.
There are certain situations that require, due to absence of bone, bone grafts, conjunctival or technique of maxillary sinus elevation.
For the execution of any implant apical RX or Panoramic RX is required. In some situations it may still be necessary to have CT with a dentascan system for visualizing bone thickness.
The surgical technique is performed in the office under local anesthesia. After the placement of the implant, implant hibernates (waiting period) for about three months for osseointegration, and the crown is placed. In particular cases, the crown can be placed soon after the implant surgery (immediate loading). In situations of absence of more than one tooth,a bridge can be made (eg 3 crowns on 2 implants).
Implants can be placed to replace the teeth of a jaw. In the case of the maxilla, there are at least six implants and at least four implants. The prostheses on these implants may be acrylic with an internal metal structure (hybrid prostheses) or can be totally metaloceramic

It is a dental technique using fixed or removable appliances aimed to correct tooth malposition.
Fixed and / or removable appliances use small forces to move teeth
Fixed / removable prosthesis
Metal-ceramic fixed prosthesis; Ceramics; Porcelain or zirconium, on natural teeth or metal-ceramic prosthesis on implants.
Removable prosthesis in acrylic or metal.

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