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Dentist Puerto Vallarta Mexico Clinic is specialist in Dental Tourism. Team understand the efforts and costs of dental procedures in the Europe, US, Canada. We strive to not only provide the best prices in dental care / you can save up to 75% /. We strive to provide top notch care, state of the art technology. Best doctors and dentists. Best price.

Our team guarantee 30 years of experience offering all our services. 15 years dedicated to dental tourism in Puerto Vallarta. Our professionals have the training, qualification and experience to guarantee results. Certifications granted by the Mexican Dental Association and the American Dental Association. We have best prices.

In our clinic the diagnoses are provided by our group of specialists in each dental area. Best service.

Our clinic has a Dental Director who does a job of reviewing, evaluating and confirming the diagnosis of your first visit.
The Dental Director himself supervises the treatment and laboratory tests in addition to the final work done.

We put all our experience at the service of your smile and your oral health.

This is important when it comes to describing little things, or explaining procedures that may involve serious decision making.

If you are staying at a local hotel, or condo, and require assistance with pick up for your visit to the dentist, let us know. We can arrange to pick you up for your first visit. Also, our clinics provide special care for people with disabilities.

Services of the Dentist Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Veneers / Best Price /

Our goal is to make you feel confident, look great, and love your smile. We can help you achieve the radiant smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Dental Implants Dentist Puerto Vallarta / Best Price

Implant is replacement of the roots of a tooth. Once surgically placed, they are not visible. They are secured in the jawbone. Usually, dental implants are used to secure crowns, bridgework or denture. Dental implant procedure has changed dentistry for many years now. This is due to the fact that it has not only evolved from scientific research and discovery, but also, by practical application in clinical practice.

It is recommended to have consultation from a dentist for anyone interested in dental implants. This is due to the fact that, medical evaluation is necessary before any implant surgery can be performed. For patients in good health, this treatment may be a good option for them. Some conditions and chronic illnesses such as diabetes or leukemia are likely to interfere with the healing process after surgery. Patients with such conditions are not ideal for implants. Use of tobacco can also slow the healing process.

Teeth Whitening / Best Price /
Add some sparkle to your smile with tooth whitening. A variety of options are available for whitening your teeth. A budget friendly option is a take home kit. We can provide you with custom fit whitening trays used with a professional strength bleaching gel. Another option is Zoom whitening, in the dental office. It offers the strongest whitening power available with the potential to whiten teeth several shades lighter. It is safe and offers superior results. This service only takes about an hour. You can transform your smile on your lunch break!

Cosmetic Dentistry
Crowns / Bridges
Conservative Dentistry
Root Canal Treatments
Gum Treatments

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