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Your dental health is our concern – nothing is more beautiful than a healthy smile!
Feel at ease in our dental practice
With our state-of-the-art surgical equipment, in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, our highly qualified team offers dental service at a highest level.
We take the time to provide you with individual, detailed advice and to work with you to develop your personal treatment concept.
Whether general dentistry, dental prosthesis, implantology, surgical or aesthetic dentistry, with us you are in good hands. For our small patients and anxiety patients, we offer special treatment programs.
The entire team is looking forward to your visit to our practice in Speicher/Eifel.
We take care of your dental health

With modern equipment our well-trained team takes care of the well-being of our patients. Convince yourself of our wide range of treatment:

• Prophylaxis
Prophylaxis is the basic pillar of all our treatments. With individual concept we help you to keep your teeth healthy for a long time.

• Conservative treatment
The preservation of your teeth – even with carious and aesthetic defects – is our top priority. With careful and gentle procedures we ensure the repair of teeth, roots and gums, as well as for the restoration of function and aesthetics.

• Pediatric dentistry
Treatment of our small patients is very important to us. Our proven Tell-Show-Do concept makes the little patient happy visting us

• Surgical treatment

• Implantology
Implants are the aesthetic solution to close gaps . In the case of a shortened row of teeth, implants also allow a fixed denture and a better support than the removable alternative.

• Dentures

• Cerec – In only one treatment for dentures
Need an aesthetic crown or crown made of ceramics – ask for CEREC!
After the consultation, the body to be treated is recorded with a camera. Then the denture is created on a computer in a 3D model and then produced from a ceramic block. The finished ceramic restoration will be used in a short time.
You do not need an imprint, no provisional and no follow-up date.

• Periodontics and gum disease
Periodontitis (colloquial parodontosis) is an inflammatory disease of the tooth .

• Digital radiography

• Digital X-ray is the modernized alternative to analog X-ray.
A great advantage of the digital radiograph is the radiation-reduced dose in every X-ray procedure, as well as the more accurate and immediate evaluation of the X-ray image on the PC.

Do not be afraid of your next visit to your dentist
You are not alone in your fear!
Many people are afraid of dentist. We take your anxiety seriously and offer you a different ways to relax and leave your anxiety behind.

• Oral sedatives

• Hypnosis
With hypnosis, we can put you in a deep trance state for an treatment to reduce your general dentist’s anxiety. Thus, your body’s sensitiveness is greatly reduced – to the point of complete pain insensitivity. So you get the dental treatment only with the help of hypnosis. Hypnosis is carried out by a trained hypnosis therapist, who will give you intensive counseling and clarification.

• Nitrous oxide treatment
Gas has been successfully used in medicine for more than 150 years. A comfortable nose mask breathes the nitrous oxide into pleasant, individually selectable fragrances. This has a soothing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
This treatment method is also very suitable for children.

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