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Style Your Smile practice offers holistic experience and approach to dental treatment . Dr. Jan Munzinger and his team are an experts for the professional treatment of tooth, mouth and jaw. In our practice you can get periodontist therapy, implantology treatments, dental hygiene and aesthetics dental treatments.

In a relaxed atmosphere of the practice we take a lot of time for each of our patients and especially anxiety patients. Only when all questions are answered, we can start with the treatment.

• Bleaching
Gentle and lasting brightening of the tooth color is possible within a short time. The use of active oxygen removes gently colored pigments and the tooth is lightened until the desired effect is achieved. The intensity of bleaching can be individually determined by the patient. It is also scientifically proven that the professional bleaching of teeth under dental control does not damage either teeth or gums.
• Inlays
Inlays (or onlays) are dental fillings, which are adapted in the laboratory. Ceramic inlays lead to the most durable and aesthetically best results in the case of major defects on the side teeth. In the dental laboratory, the dental technician produces the inlays and adapts them to the natural teeth in color. They are then inserted into the tooth with the aid of a tooth-colored composite (tooth-colored plastic filling).
• Veneers
Veneers are thin, translucent ceramic or plastic trays glued to the tooth. Veneers are usually applied to the incisors. They perfectly cover discolouration, are ideal for providing broken corners, can create new tooth shapes and are hardly distinguishable from natural teeth. An advantage of veneers in comparison to crowns is that significantly less healthy tooth substance has to be sanded off in order to support the veneer.
• Composite fillings
Composite is a combination material with a high proportion of fine ceramic particles. This material has the good plasticability of the plastic and the excellent abrasion resistance of ceramics. Composite is used as an amalgam substitute for all kinds of fillings.
• Crown
A crown consists either of a metal core which is covered with ceramics or completely made of ceramics. Crowns are used especially when large parts of the tooth are destroyed by a pronounced tooth decay. The tooth is prepared for the overcrusting: the tooth is ground circularly as well as in the height. Subsequently, the tooth stump is shaped and the crown is made by the dental technician.
• Bridges
Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. They are used for small and medium tooth-limited gaps in the front and lateral tooth area. An intermediate member (bridging member) connecting the two abutments replaces the missing tooth (s).
• Implants
The dental implant is a kind of artificial tooth root, usually made of titanium and available in various forms and coatings. Implants offer a wide range of possibilities for dentures: they can be equipped with single crowns, crown blocks or bridge constructions. In addition, they can serve as abutments for prostheses.

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