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We are a team of professionals based in Sardinia and madly in love with the island.
We work to provide best treatments and facilities answering your needs. We will take care of everything, your only thought will be to relax.
Sardinia is known worldwide as the land of centenarians.
A magic place where life quality, unspoilt nature, good food and thousands years history create the most beautiful island of Mediterranean Sea.

  • Talk to us and tell us what you need
  • We find the best solution
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  • We plan all the details related to your treatments and journey to let you never feel vulnerable
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Undertaking treatments for your body and wellness can be awkward. With us you will find the maximum of care to answer your needs
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Sardinia has the best doctors & facilities in the dentistry field with affordable prices and excellent results
The best doctors and the best clinics
We look after your health. That’s why we pick up for you only the best of Sardinia
Enjoy the island of longevity in the best clinics
The best of cares combined with an authentic and cozy hospitality to live an amazing experience in our wonderful island


  • Plastic Surgery
  • Face
  • Breast
    Mastopexy (breast lift)
    Mastopexy with breast augmentation
    Mastopexy with breast reduction
  • Body
    Scar removal
    Buttock surgery & lifting
    Arm lift
    Liposuction (liposculpture)
    Mini abdominoplasty
  • Hair Transplatation
  • Dentistry
    Implantology and all other dental treatments
  • Gynaecology
    Integral-Pelvic Organ Prolapse Suspension (I-POPS)
  • Surgery
    Vein legation & stripping
    Anus & stomach operations
    Hernia operations
  • Ophthalmology
    Refractive surgery
    PRK (Surface ablation)
    PRICE LIST ( Dental Treatments ) * Price list is informative only
    Composite Filling EUR 150,00 / 180,00
    Extraction Simple EUR 120,00
    Extraction (surgical/impacted ) EUR 2000,00 / 350,00
    Porcelain inlay/onlay EUR 560,00
    Regular teeth cleaning EUR 80,00
    Composite veneer EUR 550,00
    Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant ) EUR 70,00
    Crowns / Veneers
    Porcelain crown EUR 1.000,00
    Porcelain veneer EUR 800,00
    Zirconia crown EUR 750,00
    Temporary crown/veneer EUR 130,00
    Full Denture EUR 1.800,00 / 2.500,00
    Partial Denture EUR 1.300,00 / 1.700,00
    Implant Procedures
    Dental Implant (implant only) EUR 800,00 / 1.200,00
    Sinus lifting EUR 1.300,00
    “All on Four” System EUR 6.800,00
    “All on Six” System EUR 7.500,00
    Bone graft (large) EUR 2.800,00
    Bone graft (small) EUR 750,00
    Root Canal Treatment
    1 Canal EUR 180,00 – 2 Canals 280,00 EUR – 3 Canals 380,00 EUR
    PRICE LIST ( PLASTIC SURGERY ) *price list is informative only, for a final price you should consult the Doctor
    Blefaroplasty from 2.500 to 4.000 € (upper and lower), complete 5000 €
    Lifting from 5.500 to 8.500 €
    Otoplasty from 3.000 to 5.000 €
    Rhinoplasty from 6.500 to 8.500 €
    Lipofilling from 4.500 to 8.500 €
    Mastopexy from 7.000 to 8.500 €Mastopexy with breast augment from 7.500 to 8.500 €
    Mastopexy with breast reduction from 7.500 to 8.500 €
    Abdominoplasty from 7.500 to 9.000 €
    Scar removal from 700 to 2.500 €
    Gynecomastia from 4.000 to 6.000 €
    Buttock surgery and lifting from 7.000 to 9.000 €
    Arm lift from 5.500 to 7.000 €
    Liposuction from 4.000 to 8.500 €
    Mini abdominoplasty from 3.800 to 6.000 €

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