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About Us

Evolution MD is a comprehensive center for Anti-aging and Cosmetic Medicine. Our offices in Miami Dade and Broward specialize in anesthesia procedures with rapid recovery and great results.
Dr. Cesar Velilla evaluates you personally, tells you your best options, and walks you through your procedure.
We take pride in having fast recovery, and great results in Liposuction and Plastic Surgery clinic procedures.

Evolution MD was carefully designed and created by Dr. Cesar Velilla excelling to be the most advanced, fully integrated Plastic Surgery Center in South Florida.
We offer 12,000 sq. ft. of incredible detail and architectural plans that were designed with Dr. Velilla’s patients in mind.
Extensive training and meticulous attention to detail has given Dr. Velilla a new name well known to patients’ all over the United States as Dr Lipo.
Due to his unique surgery results, numerous surgeons from all over the United States and South America have seeked training from him aiming to have the same surgery outcome results.
We provide our clients with a relaxing setting to make them feel comfortable.
Patients from all over the U.S, the Caribbean, Europe and South America have come to Evolution MD for their dream body with Dr. Cesar Velilla.

Our most common procedures include laser therapy for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, stretch marks, cellulite, spot removal, liposuction with laser lipo-sculpture, fat transfer with butt enhancement, fat transfer to face and breasts, breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, face lift, rhinoplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, hair transplant and much more.
All the plastic surgeries and reconstructive procedures are done by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Edward Domanskis.

Plastic Surgery Scope

  • Body Transformation
    Our goal is to excel with industry leading techniques and results that exceed the physical and mental satisfaction of our patients by offering the anatomical harmony and beauty they deserve.
    Evolution MD specializes in the perfection and satisfaction of our patients’ desires.
  • Face
    Achieve the facial rejuvenation you crave. After a few weeks your face will feel fresh and look younger.
  • Breast
    Enhance your femininity with sexy breasts that are proportionately sized and of the height indicated. The busts you’ve only dreamed of.

Would you like to get firmness and volume to your buttocks? We offer a great solution for you!
Evolution MD Body Transformation
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  • Arms
    It is time to remove sagging in the arms. We perform cosmetic surgery that will make you look and feel better.
  • Waist
    You can again have the curves and silhouette that have disappeared over time and weight gain.
  • Legs
    We can help removing wrinkles and creases that have developed after pregnancy and aging.


  • Breast

Breast Augmentation
Breast Reduction
Breast Lift

  • Body

Smart Lipo & Liposuction
Tummy Tuck
Brazilian Butt Lift
Thigh Lift
Fat Transfer
Arm Lift

  • Face & Neck

Face & Neck Lift
Ear Surgery

  • Others

Hair Transplant
Scar Revision
Varicose Vein Surgery
Vaginal Reconstruction

Non Surgical

Our procedures includes laser therapies for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, stretch marks, cellulite, spot removal and much more.

  • Anti Aging
    Botox Cosmetic Treatment
    Plasma Transfusion
    Hormone Replacement Therapy
    VI Peel
    Veins Treatment
    Vacum Therapy
  • Weight Loss

Mesotherapy and Weight Loss

  • Laser

Laser Spot Removal
Laser Scar Removal
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Lipo
Laser Pigmentation Removal
Fraxel Skin Rejuvenation
IPL/Spot Removal

  • Diet
    HCG Diet
    Phentermine Diet
    Lipotropic Injection
    Post Surgical Massage
  • G Spot

PRICE LIST – Surgical Procedures

  • Face

Bichectomy $3000
Brow Lift from $3500

Cheek Implants $7000
Chin Augmentation ONLY (fat transfer) from $2000
Chin Implant $3500

Ear Lobe Repair (each) from $500
Eyelids – Lower from $2500
Eyelids – Upper from $2500
Eyelids – Upper & Lower from $5000

Face & Neck Lift $7500
Facelift only $5500
Forehead Lift $3000
Mini Face Lift from $4500

Otoplasty from $4500
Rhinoplasty from $6500


  • Breast

Aeroplastia from $1000

Breast Augmentation – Saline from $3500
Breast Augmentation – Silicone from $4500

Breast Implants Exchange – Silicone from $4800
Breast Implants Exchange – Saline $4000
Breast Implants Exchange with Lift – Saline from $6000
Breast Implants Exchange with Lift – Silicone from $6700
Breast Implants Removal with Lift – No Implants $4500 -$6500

Breast Lift – No implants $5000 – $5500
Breast Lift – Saline $5500 – $5800
Breast Lift – Silicone $6000 – $6500

Breast Reduction – No implants$5500
Breast Reduction – Saline $6000
Breast Reduction – Silicone $7000

Capsular Contracture $750 Add-on to breast aug procedure
Implant Removal$750 Add-on to breast aug procedure

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) $3500 – $6000

  • Body

Arm Lift $5000 – $6000
Armpit Lift $3000
Back Lift $7000

Bio-Gel Removal $3500
Dexamethasone Injections (each)$250
Body Lift $8500
Dog Ears Repair$3000
Extended Tummy Tuck $7000- $7800
Extended Tummy Tuck – Lipo $7800 – $8000

Fat Transfer to Ankles $2000 Add-on to lipo procedure
Fat Transfer to Breast $2000 Add-on to lipo procedure
Fat Transfer to Butt $2000 Add-on to lipo procedure
Fat Transfer to Calves $2000 Add-on to lipo procedure
Fat Transfer to Face $2000 – $7000 Add-on to lipo procedure
Fat Transfer to Forhead $2000 Add-on to lipo procedure
Fat Transfer to Inner Thighs $2000 Add-on to lipo procedure
Fat Transfer to Hips $2000 Add-on to lipo procedure
Fat Transfer to Hands $2000 – $4500 Add-on to lipo procedure
Fat Transfer to Pubic $1000 Add-on to lipo procedure

Gluteal Implants (Butt Implants) $8000
High Definition – Abs $1400 Add-on to lipo procedure
High Definition – Arms $1400 Add-on to lipo procedure
Labiaplasty $4000
Labiaplasty with Fat transfer $5500
Lipoma $700
Mini Tummy Tuck$4,000.00 – $4500
Reverse Tummy Tuck $5,000.00 – $5,000.00

Rib Removal $10000
Scar Revision (2 inches) $2000
Slim-Lipo $700/per area
Thigh Lift $6000

Tummy Tuck – Lipo $6000
Tummy Tuck – No Lipo $5000
Tummy Tuck (Vertical & Horizontal) $8500

UpperBack Lift $4500

Vaginal Reconstruction $6000

Varicose Veins Surgery ( 2 inches ) $750

Gastric Ballon – Dr. Valladares $8500

Local Anesthesia $700.00
General Anesthesia – Evolution MD $1000
General Anesthesia – Larkin Hospital $1500
Hospital Overnight $1500

PRICE LIST – Non Surgical Procedures

  • Injectables

Dysport per area $250
Plasma cell injection other area $700
Plasma Full Face (PRP) $700

Restylane lyft $650
Restylane silk $650

Sclerotherapy (spider veins) $120
Sclerotherapy package 10 $700
Sclerotherapy package 5 $400

Sculptra per vial $800

  • Body Treatments

Bleaching $250
Bleaching (Genital ) $250
Facial $150
Gold Mask 24K – Radiofrecuency $350

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