Dentist Mezcales Nayarit Mexico

Dental Clinic in Mezcales Nayarit Mexico

Dentist Mezcales Nayarit Mexico is located in Mezcales, Nayarit.
Clinic is highly experienced in providing dental treatments to international patients.
Clinic is highly specialised in implants and aesthetic dentistry making porcelain veneers, crowns.
You can save 70% compared to USA prices.
Clinic is using world known brands and best materials.

Dental Implants Nayarit

Dental implant is a prosthetic replacement of a missing tooth. There are many different applications that are possible for dental implants. Depending on your situation, you may benefit from having this procedure if you are a valid candidate.

When a tooth has been lost for whatever reason, there are several options possible to replace that missing tooth. We will consider here the option of placing a dental implant into the missing space.

The visible part, the crown, is crafted to look as much as possible like the neighboring teeth. Visibly, the idea is to provide the appearance that there is no difference between the implanted tooth, and natural teeth.

There are many different implants available. They vary in quality, availability, and guarantee. Dentist Mezcales Nayarit Mexico only provide implants of top quality because like you, we want the assurances that come with top level, international implant providers.

Dentist Prices Nayarit Mexico

Composite Filling / USD 65 /
Extraction Simple / USD 100 /
Extraction surgical / impacted / USD 180 /
Porcelain inlay / onlay / USD 400 /
Teeth Whitening / USD 170 /
Regular teeth cleaning / USD 50 /
Composite veneer / USD 200 /
Composite bonding / USD 200 /
Deep cleaning scalling / per quadrant / USD 170 /

Metal Ceramic Crown / USD 400 /
Ceramic crown / USD 500 /
Porcelain veneer / USD 500 /
Zirconia crown / USD 550 /
Temporary crown / USD 50 /

Full Denture / USD 850 /
Partial Denture / USD 900 /

Dental Implant / USD 1.000 /
Porcelain Crown On Implant / USD 600 /
Sinus lifting / USD 750 /
“All on Four” System / USD 7.000 / per jaw including temporary teeth and final teeth /
“All on Six” System / USD 9.000 / per jaw including temporary teeth and final teeth /
Bone graft / large / USD 600 /
Bone graft / small / USD 400 /

Root Canal Treatment / USD 300 /


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