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About the Clinic
Our highly qualified specialists have experience in clinical and scientific work. We consult and examine patients with gynecological and onco-gynecological diseases.
During the consultation, we will provide information on the latest treatments available in the world (modern radiotherapy, newest chemotherapy and target therapy).

  • 10 years of experience in oncogynecology

If necessary, we suggest making broad-profile genetic analyzes to detect mutations in a particular disease. Analysis of the most common genetic mutations makes it possible to assess the risk of healthy people or family members of cancer patients in the future to get any of the genetically inherited tumors.
At the place, we collect blood samples for both genetic analyzes and oncology biomarker analyzes, which allows us to provide high-quality medical care when the most important examinations are carried out in one place and in the shortest possible time.

Individual approach
For our patients, we try to find solutions even in cases of rare oncological diseases or if there is a need for specific therapy that can not be provided in Latvia.
We will give an independent opinion on the type of therapy offered by some other institution. In case of discrepancy of opinions about the most suitable form of treatment, we offer a multidisciplinary consultation in each case.
Our decisions regarding the examination, treatment and monitoring of patients are based on the recommendations developed by ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology, FIGO (International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics), NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) and ESGO (European Society of Gynecological Oncology ).

During the gynecological consultation, we will hear your complaints, conduct the necessary examinations and offer the best solution in your particular situation.
In Onkoklīnika most of specialists have additional education and knowledge in oncology, we consult and treat patients with non-oncological diseases as well, such as endometriosis, uterine myomas, ovarian cysts, uterine polyps and cervical dysplasia.
During the visit you will have the opportunity to ask all the questions You want to know. You can prepare questions at home, so that during the visit You can be sure of getting all the answers You needed.
There is no need to prepare before a visit. On a visit, you can safely invite your friend, husband or girlfriend. Sometimes a person who is close during a visit can calm You down and then help discuss, and better remember all the spoken questions during the visit.
During the consultation, we conduct gynecological ultrasonography in routine, which is not payable in addition.
During the visit, we will take the necessary analyzes from the cervix, as well as analysis for the diagnosis of infections, and plan a treatment plan.

In our clinic we offer gynecologic ultrasonography. Gynecologic ultrasonography is performed as a routine examination during the first gynecological visit, for which you do not need to pay extra fee.
For the examination you have to pay in situations, if you need a documentary description of the study, and also if a woman comes to the clinic solely for the purpose of doing only gynecologic ultrasonography.

Examination Fee is 25 Euros.

Gynecological operations
Onkoklīnika offers various types of laparoscopic, gynecological operations, which allow to recover in a very short time with minimal surgical trauma. After ovarian cyst surgery, patients are allowed return home on the same day after a few hours, as soon as the patient feels good.
After major surgery, during which we perform uterine myomas eruption, or so-called conservative myomectomy, or after complete uterine incision, as well as slip-correction surgery, patients are prescribed to return home on the next day.
Usually, patients after large-scale operations are already able to stand up and walk during the same day they had a surgery. It clearly represents the advantages of laparoscopic operations in relation to open surgery operations.
After laparoscopic surgery, a slight discomfort lasted about one week, which is a significant advantage over classical surgery.
The cost of surgery in our clinic is lower to comparing other private clinics, because we can offer partly state-sponsored treatment, where the patient pays only for increased service.
The surgery is carried out by an experienced, operating gynecologist dr.med. Ronalds Mačuks:

  • 10 years of work experience at the Latvian Oncology Center
  • Specialization in oncological surgery and minimally invasive laparoscopy

PRICE LIST ( price list is informative, for a final costs, consultations are necessary ).
Surgical Procedures 1.500 – 10.000 Euros
Laparascopic procedures for benign ovarian cysric leasion 1500 Euros
Surgery for uterine fibroid laparascopic or open surgery 2000 Euros
Oncological surgery 3.000 – 10.000 Euros
All prices quoted for the whole package of services include both the cost of surgery, hospital stays, meals, and pre-surgery physician screening.

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